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What's your favorite lyric from a song?
Wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then. 
Vandersteen Model 7: has anyone heard?
I also attended T.H.E. Show in Newport and spent time with the 7s. I got there when Dark Side of the Moon was playing and sat through Stairway to Heaven. I believe that this system's imaging eclipses anything I've heard previously. Simply inconcei... 
How do we remember 1970s amplifiers?
I lucked into owning, perhaps the sexiest components of all time, the Nakamichi 600 cassette deck, 620 100 wpc amplifier and 630 tuner/preamp. Spinning the tuning wheel of the 630 was a particularly sensual experience, as was the light show of the... 
Recordings with BASS
"Hello Jeff" on Journey to Love by Stanley Clarke. Will sound like whale farts if your system doesn't have low end extension and articulation. Slammin' tune though when all is well. 
Best Stevie Wonder Album?
Innervisions was one of the first records I bought when I was young. People often describe their first listen to a favorite record as a form of liberation. For me, Innervisions was an explosion. I played my first copy of that record until I could ... 
Who is your favorite jazz pianist
Thelonious is my favorite musician. He just happens to have been a jazz pianist. 
Danny Gatton & Joey DeFrancesco
The overused term, "awesome" is fully justified here. They had a great musical synergy. Danny Gatton is sorely missed. 
Live Performances Gone Awry
Attended the Stones' "Steel Wheels" tour at Veteran's Stadium in Philly. Besides being far enough away that seeing the jumbotron was a struggle, witnessed a completely drugged out guy stomp the seat off of his chair and hurl it further down the st... 
Live Performances Gone Awry
Went to a Dixie Dregs concert around 1990 at a downtown NYC venue that is long since closed down. We waited more than an hour past the posted start time for the warm-up band to start, which was a quasi-Kansas progressive fiddle-rock band as I reca... 
Wright WPL10V
One or more of your phono section tubes has gone microphonic. I have a WPL20 that exhibits the exact same problem when one of the phono tubes goes wonky. Tap each with the eraser end of a pencil with the volume set low and you will hear a hollow m... 
RIP Hank Jones
Just think of all of the changes in Jazz and in popular music in general that Hank Jones got to witness first hand. The fact that he was a vital, truly outstanding contributor for most of SEVEN decades is awe-inspiring. I cannot think of many huma... 
Tube rolling with Wright Sound Co. WPL20
Thanks for the tip Racamuti 
what was your wedding song?
"I Knew the Bride When She Used to Rock and Roll" 
Jazz vocals recommendations please
Johnny Hartman and John Coltrane is a superb recording from every perspective. 
Best blues vocalist
Joe Turner, Howling Wolf, Janis Joplin