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Songs With Best Ending
Ditto with "Day in the Life" - However, I can listen to the final two minutes of Roxy Music's "More than This" for hours and hours. Those layered keys, the sax, the guitars; the hypnotically steady rhythm - they all fade into sunset over and over. 
Reference 3A speakers
IS there any chance of you shipping them to Reference 3A and seeing if they can complete the speakers for you with drivers and wiring? 
Upgrade question - speakers or integrated?
Well, I just bought a pair of Reference 3A de Capo i's. I'm looking forward to seeing how they sound with the YBA (which you all convinced me to keep). Thanks to all for the advice and suggestions. A separate phono unit and a good, basic turntable... 
Upgrade question - speakers or integrated?
I think that's the way to go - along with some speakers that complement what I want to hear. Thanks for all the advice! 
Driving Magnepan 1.7
I had an ARC VS-110 powering my 3.6R's back in the day. I'm thinking an ARC-55 should do just fine. 
Upgrade question - speakers or integrated?
Johnny - what's a good starter turntable to recommend? I'd have to upgrade the YBA to an integrated with a phono stage. 
Upgrade question - speakers or integrated?
My source is a Rotel 1072 - which I'm going to hang onto. It gives way more bang for the buck than it should. The YBA doesn't have a phono input, though I may get an external phono stage.And a Rogue Cronus is also in the wings. I used to have a pa... 
Upgrade question - speakers or integrated?
Great post, Mapman - thanks for the analysis. Truthfully, I guess I'm trying to recapture the sound of my original system:Maggie 3.6R'sARC VS-110Blue Circle 2.1 preMusical Fidelity cdHowever, that was many years and a divorce ago and a financial r... 
Upgrade question - speakers or integrated?
I had the Triangle Titus 202 ES; had them for about ten years. It was time for a change, though.So it appears as if the consensus is to keep the YBA and upgrade the speakers? 
Upgrade question - speakers or integrated?
"05-17-13: MapmanWhy would you change if nothing is wrong?"If only audiophiles had a good answer for that. In essence, because I know it can be better. The Focals aren't undersized at all; they just seem a bit too dry to my ears. They have plenty ... 
Cost of a new Beryllium tweeter?
I second that. Talk to your dealer for the above reasons: proper installation as well as the handling of a toxic metal. Focal has a certain protocol they follow when replacing these. 
Speakers on floor?
I've had these for about ten years in listening rooms of various sizes. They work. They're unconventional, but they do make a bigger and wider sound. It's the difference between throwing sidearm and coming over the top. 
audio research REF 150
@Cmalak - interesting point. In some ways, ARC seems a company that is clinging to its mom-and-pop identity even though its an international company. Whatever, though. They make beautiful products that know how to make music be as lifelike as poss... 
Nervous and excited
That's the thing, though. I found I wasn't really happy with the Baby. Then again, after seeing a live symphony last night, I admit that, like many audiophiles, I'm simply trying to reproduce in my listening room what can only be heard in the conc... 
Nervous and excited
Schubert - truthfully, it was the second Baby I'd owned. They pop up on Agon every now and then for between 400-500 and are worth every penny. SO why did I sell it? Curiosity, I guess. There's always the "What else is out there that I can afford o...