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How can Martin Logan grill covers be repaired?
Something like this? https://www.loctiteproducts.com/en/products/fix/super-glue/loctite_plasticsbondingsystem.html    
Has This Kind of Tonearm Been Made?
pop sound between tracks
Thanks for the response. I will try this out. Funny though that I really only recall hearing it the last two days or so.     
REF5SE tubes
So I got the Premium tube set from the Tubestore, matched and balance, and right out of the box, they sound great. I got the preamp used, it's a 2011, and the 6550c tube sure appears (?)  it could possibly be the original. There is no markings on ... 
REF5SE tubes
Yes I did but I'm not a past customer,so no soup for me.  
Audio grade version of this cord? (Polarized NEMA 1-15P to Polarized IEC 60320 C7)
You could get this adapter, C7P, which is polarized. https://shunyata.com/products/power-cables/venom-line-power-cables/venom-v14-mini-poweradapters/    
Garage into listening room?
@audiodwebe , just go for it. I did. My shop is 30x40, 12' ceiling, 16' in the lift area. Fully insulated and sheathed. Temp controlled. When i met my now wife, got married, and she moved into my house, I lost the privilege  of listening to my s... 
@navyachts  I recently upgrade to an Aurender A15, which is basically an N200 with a DAC. I was going to get the N200, but stumbled upon the Aurender for $4900.00 which I thought was a good deal.  No regrets at all.  
DH Labs power cables
I started a thread awhile back about getting some ARC gear. Pretty much put my faith in ghdprentice love of ARC's sound signature. I ended up with ref5se and ref75se, a steal on an Aurender A15, and modded Klipsch forte III. My XLR's were Monopri... 
dac and streamer or seperates
I was in the same thought process not long ago. I ended up with an Aurender A15, for half of list price. Streamer/DAC. From what I have read it is pretty much their N200 streamer, which is excellent, but with a DAC. I figure I could get a separat... 
Level the floor
Make some pads.. Screw four 2x4's together and make a box the size you want. Coat the insides with Crisco. Mix some self leveling concrete Fill to the thickness you prefer. Easy  
Herbies tube damper tightness
That's correct. Widen it so little to no deflection when installing. So hardly any tension on the tube. If you go too wide just squeeze them smaller.  
Herbies tube damper tightness
If you bought them new, instructions should be there. Open them up so the rings have hardly any deflection.  
Will there be a dramatic difference?
Although I don't post much, I can tell you I am A life long (64 year old)carver user. All upgraded by Nelion Audio., I decided to upgrade a bit Got an ARC ref5se pre to replace the Carver pre. Wow!  Next got an ARC ref75se amp.next  More wow!! The... 
Women Who Rock
My ex wife