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What is the air speed velocity of a fully laden swallow? 24 MPH 
Bob Carver C-500 worth restoring and/or upgrading??
Bobo,PM sent 
Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
Robin Trower, Jimmy Lane, Buddy Guy. 
Dedicated circuit
What size breaker does the subpanel use? 50amp  6ga wireI agree. I will run from main panel  
Dedicated circuit
Wish I could have chimed in earlier and clarified things before assumptions started.I do thank all who replied.  First off it's an air compressor. My stereo setup is in my shop. I build hotrods so I apologize for just saying compressor. It's a gar... 
Dedicated circuit
To me 3 wire is,for example, 12/3 w/ground.so I could run 12/3w/ground tie the hots together and end up with an effective gauge of 9 
Dedicated circuit
Unfortunately, the ac compressor is going to infect the whole house, it won’t be confined to the subpanel. Running a 100 foot branch circuit makes it a magnet for EMI generated throughout the house, so I would use 3-wire romex. The wire is pre-twi... 
Dedicated circuit