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Bricasti Model 1 Series II DAC
@docroasty have you ever heard ANY of the Bricasti DACs? They all do have a house sound of being very clean and refreshing sounding and they throw a big soundstage. More leaning to the neutral sound.   (Dealer Disclaimer)   
You’re An Independent Dealer, Which Companies And What Products Would You Represent?
+1@bpoletti there's the saying that goes "how do you make 1 million $$ in hi-end audio? Start with 2 million $$"   (Dealer disclaimer)   
What speaker could safely be ordered without hearing it first?
@ozzy yes the Clarisys Minuet were fantastic when I heard them at this years Axpona. There were only 2 speakers that I was considering from listening to 80% of the rooms at Axpona, the Clarisys Minuet or the Franco Serblin Ktema's. (OK there was a... 
Upgrade my older Linn Sondek or move on?
The LP12 is a great TT owned one many, many years ago, had the best PACE to the music than almost any other table at the time. Biggest issue was it was tweaky, as many have already pointed out, and the top end was rolled off as well as the bass bl... 
Anyone compare the Döhmann Helix Two mk2 vs CSPort TAT1M2?
@drbond From reading in WBF about the CS Port TAT1, it looks like there is much more adjusting needed with the CS Port. drbond we recently began selling CS Port gear and about 7 weeks ago got in our own TAT1M2 table (set-up with a Kuzma Safir a... 
Turntables: 2 Tonearms. What do you Have or Know About?
Kuzma Stabi R can accept upto 4 tonearms. This pic shows it with 3.   
Turntables: 2 Tonearms. What do you Have or Know About?
Here's a table from Japan, the CS Port TAT1M2 that can accept 2 arms. Total weight over 200 pounds! Platter itself weighs 60 pounds and floats on air.   
Amps for Joseph Audio Pulsar 2 Graphene's?
We are a Joseph Audio dealer and use Bricasti amps in our own studio with wonderful results. A good customer who bought a pr of Perspective2 uses an ARC Reference 160S amplifier which sounded amazing in his system. I'm sure there are many other am... 
CSPort Turntable speed control
Info about background of designer/owner of CSPORT My name is Machino TOSHIMICHI MACHINO and I am the owner of CSPort. CSPort is a new company that has only been established for 6 years. We are specializing in the high end audio market. All CS Por... 
CSPort vs TechDAS
@mijostyn you are right that a good table "should" not have a sound but I can confirm, without a doubt, that the CS Port TAT1M2 is a far more neutral sound that let’s the music just flow with more detail and better dynamics than the Kuzma Stabi R ... 
CSPort Turntable speed control
The TAT1M2 has a built-in strobe that when you press the “Lock” button (which actually unlocks the process) the strobe turns on and now you can use the + or – buttons. The strobe flashes along the spinning platter and you see lines that move faste... 
SGC vs Roon Nucleus
Pinging anyone! Thoughts on SGC vs Nucleus?  
SGC vs Roon Nucleus
So my Nucleus has stopped working and just got this quote from Roon. "I am sorry to hear, that your unit has issues. We can repair it, but unfortunately, it is out of the warranty window, therefore, there will be a fee. If we need to replace the... 
Joseph Audio Perspective next steps
@hilde45 I have a dedicated listening room close to your size 16 x 28 x 12 and use the Perspective2's with great success. They fill the space no problem and I tend to listen on the loud side (says my better half). I do listen mostly to vinyl and l... 
Turntable is the most expensive in the chain, do it make sense
@mijostyn but how do you listen to recordings without a table? 😉 or arm or cartridge?