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What is the best non-conditioning surge protector
>>>what is the best non-conditioning surge protector on the market?<<< Can't tell you but I've heard a lot and thought a Sound Application unit was alwys the best until I heard a S.I.N. Audio PSD unit. I've now had 3 different S... 
What is the “World’s Best Cartridge”?
Curious on everyones experience regarding cartridge break-in? Over my 40 yrs of listening to a few dozen different cartridges most have taken, on average, 10-15 hrs. I just received a MSL and I'm at 18 hrs and finally it's just starting to "sing".... 
Solid state or Tubes preamp phono stage.
@tablejockey yes we sold a LOT of NVO’s back in the day but still sell them, at least one a month so not bad. Very few ever show up on the used market. NVO just released an updated SPA-ONE SE that now uses "ONLY" 14 tubes! It’s our new reference. ... 
Solid state or Tubes preamp phono stage.
Hey @tablejockey is that a NVO SPA-2SE unit? 22 tubes! Have used it for many years and it doesn't get that hot or even heat up a room. Just beautiful sound IMO.   (Dealer disclaimer & Importer)  
wharfedale elysian 4 - break-in
@martin-andersen how did the Elysian 4's sound after break-in? Bass get tighter? Are you happy?  
Anyone using Teddy Pardo XPS for Naim nDAC and Teddy Cap for the Supernait 3? Any good?
I use a TP LPS for my Nucleus with great success. Another unit was ordered for a customer and shipped this past Thursday and it should be delivered by Tuesday! Fast and relieable on all accounts. (Dealer disclaimer)   
Server for Bricasti M1/3
I run a Bricasti M12 also have a M3 hooked up for demo. I initially started using Roon on a MacBook Pro and worked fine, had to reboot the Mac every now and then but no major issues. This all running wireless via a XFinity "POD" via an Ethernet co... 
Grounding cable gauge size
Some day I would love to try these Grounding cables out! (Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see info on their new "Ghost" Grounding cables. Grounding cable “Ghost” 1,5 m - 4 750 Euro We ... 
Lloyd Walker has passed away.
Sad news. Lloyd & Fred had been to my studio many years ago and have great memories of our meeting. Really wonderful and talented guy. RIP my friend.  
Improving Comcast modem signal
@chungjh yes my modem/router has the internal power supply. As for the grounding box, since I'm a dealer I don't promote it on this site, feel free to PM me.  
Improving Comcast modem signal
@oldhvymec no noise whatsoever. It's actually on a separate circuit and besides my dedicated listening studio is grounded with a wonderful grounding device. Noise floor is basically non-existent.    
Improving Comcast modem signal
I'm also a Comcast/Xfinity user and use their modem. Every 18-24 months I get their latest and fastest modem. Over the years it has become very easy to update one, the newest ones even update all your passwords on your smart devices like thermosta... 
Soundsmith notes the passing of Doug Cassara
Wow so sad to hear but what a beautiful remembrance of him, thanks for sharing Peter. RIP Doug  
Your single most significant purchase mistake?
This is easy for me, the biggest mistake I EVER made was buying the ESCALANTE DESIGN FREMONT Loudspeakers. Nothing else comes close. They retailed at $18,990 and had some positive reviews so bought them unheard. Never sounded good out of the box (... 
To extend Ethernet to remote location, are Powerline extenders or Mesh systems better?
I use the Xfinity POD and it works flawlessly. Use it into a Bricasti M12 and sounds sublime.