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Replacing generic RECEPTACLES
Your efforts won’t work dill. I’m a contributing member and I don’t hurl insults at other members.  
tube preamp please, replacing counterpoint sa7
You were happy with the NAD 705, which makes me think that going back to the NAD is the solution, but perhaps there is a low frequency roll-off with the Counterpoint preamp that can be resolved.  
Replacing generic RECEPTACLES
The problem is optimization beyond the point of excess, where some consumers are brainwashed into spending hundreds of dollars on power cables with unsubtantiable qualities. If you don’t see anything wrong with that, fine. But I do, and I will spe... 
Replacing generic RECEPTACLES
Dill asked: “Do you think it is your mission to denounce cable upgrades, outlets and the like to save us from ourselves? You do know it is a tired argument at best.”Well since you are asking, it is my mission to educate people so they can be more ... 
Replacing generic RECEPTACLES
Well said dynaquest4. The joy of listening and experimenting can be a wonderful pursuit. I just think that too often people are being taken advantage of.  
Top used turntables under $500
Just picked up a second Technics SL-1700mk2 that needs a little rehab and restoration for $250. I’ll have to put new interconnects on it, a headshell and cartridge, and do a full tear-down, clean, and lube. Should have somewhere near $700 into it ... 
Replacing generic RECEPTACLES
Well boxer, you laid out quite a stereotype at the same time as attempting to depreciate the works of many brilliant scientists who individually forgot more than a thousand average people combined will ever know. Believe what you want, and I will ... 
Replacing generic RECEPTACLES
The laws of physics haven’t changed since the 80’s Elizabeth.  
Replacing generic RECEPTACLES
People, if you were Electronics Engineers, you would understand what I’m telling you. Granted that not everyone has a degree in Electronics Engineering, but that doesn’t mean that they have license to shove down everyone’s throats their own made u... 
Replacing generic RECEPTACLES
“I recently replaced my old $5 hospital grade outlets with $100 Oyaide R1's and replaced my old dedicated line comprised of 13 ga Romex with cryo'ed 10. The improvement; minimal. “Uggghhhh!!!! THIS is testament to the ridiculousness of the pursuit... 
What is the average lifespan of a phono cartridge?
Bpoletti is exactly right. The stylus is what wears out. On MM cartridges, the stylus is 95% of the total price of a new cartridge, and in some cases it’s actually cheaper to just buy a whole new cartridge if you shop around. Stylus profile has a ... 
CD player just tanked.
CD and sound quality are mutually exclusive in my view. Vinyl, while being high maintenance is really much better format at least until DSD becomes more of a mainstream thing. You can get a decent vintage turntable for a few hundred dollars, and a... 
Vintage receivers???
XM sound quality is middling with all the compression. Then there’s the program material. XM has a very limited range of material. They tend to keep a very small rotation With less than 50 artists per channel. At least they don’t have commercials.  
FM antennas.............Does ANBODY still make them?
I’m pretty sure “ANBODY” never made FM antennae.  
The High End for Under a Grand?
High end fuses.... you’re killing me.