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Best Record Cleaning Fluid
DiscWasher D4+ fluid on the tried and true DiscWasher cleaning brush. I’ve been using that for 40 years and have zero complaints.  
Mono Reissues and the Conical Stylus
My take on this is that re-issues and late sixties original mono records are cut with narrow groove, and as such a modern stylus profile is optimal for reproduction even if only in mono. To that end, I’ve gone with the Audio-Technica VM540ML and i... 
Need to adjust the speed every time I turn on turntable
AC synchronous motors rely on stability of AC frequency, which before accounting for noise from other sources can vary by up to +/-2Hz, which is an error range of 6.7%. Noise that breaks the synchronization can increase this to 10% depending on th... 
Best budget preamp for my entry level system?
NAD 3020i or 3225pe. Great all around units, and fit the budget well if you find one in decent shape. I’m using. 3225pe as a preamp with a pair of NAD 2700 power amps (250 WPC into 8 ohms) vertically biamped to my Energy Reference Connoisseur 70 s... 
What’s really hurting the audio hobby?
Geoff, you should try the parallel universe where the Earth is flat and the sun revolves around it. Uncompressed CDs are plentiful and everyone uses SR products.  
Need to adjust the speed every time I turn on turntable
There is of course the well-proven quartz oscillator based PLL method used in better direct drive turntables.  
Any cable delivers more bass than Cardas Golden Reference?
Yes, any cable.  
what is it in audio that you dislike most?
People who are not articulate, use incorrect terminology or cannot concisely acquit themselves. The expressions: “vinyl deck” or “rig”, etc... are as meaningless and awkward as an elephant riding a unicycle on a high wire.  
Step up from Nakamichi 582 tape deck?
I’ve got a Sony TC-K570 3 head deck bought in the mid-90’s which I’m amazed with how good it sounds. Previously it was a Technics RS-M234X 2 head deck with dbx that performed flawlessly. I never got around to trying the Sony with my dbx 224 encode... 
Step up from Nakamichi 582 tape deck?
TDK tapes always ended up stretching the few time I tried them. Maxell UDXL-II and XL-IIS were my favourite by a landslide. TEAC cassette reel to reel tapes performed admirably also, but weren’t as readily available as the Maxell tapes.  
What is wrong with a sub?
I like to get my subs from Subway. The oven-toasted ones are my favourites.  
Help !
Does anyone have experience with a CD ripping appliance that can directly store to a NAS server via a wired network connection?  
Re-tip or Replace?
Re-tip or replace what? You will get more helpful responses if you use a specific subject.  
Hi, I have several black lacker box set, THAT ARE DAMAGED. some just need touch up ?
The OP needs to learn how to write posts with meaningful titles. It’s hard to help someone who doesn’t bother.  
Hi, I have several black lacker box set, THAT ARE DAMAGED. some just need touch up ?
Black sharpie ink is not actually black. It’s a dark blueish purple and sticks out like a sore thumb against a black background.