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Saxaphone vs. Trumpet...Which do you prefer?
You can’t rule out one instrument over another. They each have their purpose. Even the Doors could have used a bass player, despite how good Manzarek was on the organ.  
static Issues...anybody know why?
You might want to try an accessory grounded sweep arm that trails the tonearm as closely as possible.  
Who Has Technics Headshell with Azimuth Adjustment?
Thanks imhififan for the links. I will call my local dealers to see if they can order a couple of these headshells for me. To to answer the question that many might be thinking, “why would you not just go aftermarket?”, it is because I want to kee... 
Who Has Technics Headshell with Azimuth Adjustment?
Nandric, you are missing the point of this thread: azimuth adjustment on a Technics headshell.  
Interconnect Directionality
Geoffy, you still have not made a case for why directionality exists, much less of how it’s implied asymmetry of energy delivery could possibly be a benefit to sound quality.  
Which power cords help ameliorate digital glare/grain/digititus?
Aftermarket power cords cannot improve sound quality, but they can be made in such a way as to mitigate EMI whilst delivering sufficient current to the load.   
Who Has Technics Headshell with Azimuth Adjustment?
Don_c55 would you agree that some adjustment capability is better than none? I only want to find out if the currently shipping Technics turntables have headshells with azimuth adjustment. Then I can pursue optimization of azimuth angle with a test... 
Who Has Technics Headshell with Azimuth Adjustment?
Nandric, did the headshell come with your turntable? If so what is the model number of your turntable? 
Interconnect Directionality
Geoffy, wake up, (rpt, wake up). Get on the reality train 🚂. Photon movement in opaque substances are as fictitious a concept as Donald Trump telling the truth. Free electrons from the outer shell that move from atom to atom make up the flow of el... 
Interconnect Directionality
Geoff, current is the flow of electrons, no matter how little or how many.  
Interconnect Directionality
The flow of electrons for an audio signal is in both directions Geoff, from one terminal of the source to the other on the positive half cycle, then in the opposite direction for the negative half cycle. If you could optimize electron flow, favori... 
Interconnect Directionality
The cause for differences in sound are more due to placement / routing of cables than anything else. This is because the OP’s cables are unbalanced and unshielded, therefore very vulnerable to interference. Bottom line is, if you insist on using u... 
Phono Pre Advice
Okay, so are you looking for advice or offering it???? 
Has anyone finally decided to sell their Turntable and Vinyl collection?
If I had a turntable deck rig, I’d get rid of it as fast as possible. Thankfully I have an analog audio system with a turntable.  
The OP’s statement “I have no clue” sums it up quite well.