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Tube amp recommendation for $1000 has a Classe CA100 $695,also has classe preamp. 
High priced power cable what about the romex
Ya you got it now. Just like the $20,000 shower cutains. 
Problems with Shanling CDT-100 remote
Did you try pressing button more than a fraction of a second, some remotes are funny like that. Gotta hold em down a bit. 
Musical Fidelity X-10v3 tube buffer stage
I have the Aragon 3002 300wpc and 28k mkII preamp along with Martin Logan aerius's which I forgot to mention. 
Entry level phono stage have a few used, including Creek. I just bought a NAD PP1 from them. Said they were getting some PP2's anyday @ $129. 
New law forbidding the sale of used gear Japan
I heard a caller on click and clack ( NPR ) bought a used engine from Japan as described. 
Higher power=better sound at low volume?
How well it sounds at low volume is what I have been going by for decades. 
shipping coast to coast over 350 lbs
Make sure its going on a air ride trailer. If you are not sure ask shipper if it will be. Overnite,Yellow,Roadway are spring ride trailers. You mite give Mayflower or other reputible household moving companys a call and ask them if they do ltl ( l... 
how much to $pend to claim i am an audiophile? 
Audio shops to visit in/near Ft Lauderdale
Hollywood Sound in Hollywood,FL. 
confusion about the aragon 28k pre amp
Try Adcom,Parasound. 
Speakers used under 1K
I just saw 4 pr of Definitive Technology BP10 closeouts for 600 bucks list at $1000. From American Theatre. These are a very good value for the money especialy at $600 makes it even better. I have had BP8,BP10's. They have plenty of bass don't rea... 
Feelings on Napster?
Napster is for children that don't have jobs. I own high end audio, napster downloads sound like crap on mine. Besides I can get online, order a CD in minutes and have it deliverd to my home. So figure if I make 20 Bucks an hour, I've jist wasted ...