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What AC Power Cord sounds best?
T.G. audio and JPS have some great power cords at reasonable prices. Both have been in this business longer than anyone I know. JPS really made a big difference in my bass. Reviewer Martin DeWulf turned me on to these cords. 
Please recommend Tube pre-amp(s)
CAT Ultimate is the ultimate. It's background is the blackest I have heard 
Which way should I go?
If you have a large undamped room those speakers must go. They should be easy to sell there is a lot of so called audiophiles that like B&W. This will be the most economical way to start. Hopefully you have a local dealer that can come to your... 
Preamp suggestion
A used CAT signature III is most impressive. It has great resolution and is unbelievable dead black quiet. I have seen some used ones for around $3000. Check Toys from the Attic used list. 
Speakers: all-time favorite
My favorite speaker is the Dunlavy SC-5. After listening to hundreds of speakers and losing hundreds of dollars I think this is the best money can buy. 
Bi-amping solid state & tubes?
I had tubes and didn't have much bass then I had solid-state and didn't get the warm mids. I bi-amped them and got agood sound but something was still not quite there. I went to Cary SLM200s got a great sound but the bass was still a little thin e... 
Dunlavy SC-IV v B&W Nautilus 802's
I own the 802's and am going to the DunlavyIVa's or possibly the V's. I have a large room and the 802's seem to be lost. The Dunlavy's throw a huge sounstage and very deep bass compared to the 802's. 
Audible Illusions: how good really
I owned this preamp and had good sound. Then I listened to a CAT sl1 ultimate. Now I have great sound. For the price it is a decent preamp but I would never purchase another. 
Need good amp match for Dunlavy SC-IV's
After listening to Bryston 7b,levinson,threshold, and cary slm-200s I went to the Wolcott Presence monoblocks. They are awesome. The best bass depth and transparency by far 
SACD players. Owner progress report
I am interested in upgrading my CD player. Does the sacd make cds sound much better. If not it sounds pretty ridiculous to spend 4,000 on so few sacd's. Only 3 a month new. Why so few?