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Spanish Guitar music
For the record Jorge Strunz is from Costa Rica.Luis 
Your favorite prog rock music? ?
Nrchy:You really did it this time!!!!! I'll have to break my no buy music more resolution.......What a nice thread, here doing the same guys, playing old friends again and let me tell you what a refreshing feeling.Well I'm opening a new list for b... 
a/b interconnect cable comparison single ended
Mr. TennisI'd say that your approach in having better comparison means instead of the classic pause (shut down) disconnect, reconnect, seat, play again is good. It can give you a better glimpse of each cable characteristics faster. That doesn't me... 
HELP...Bubble Wrap Marks in PIANO BLACK Speakers??
Tekhifi:Are the speakers new? or have they been recently refinished.Was this the original finish? Contact the manufacturer .Can you find what type of finish is it i.e. thermoplastic (nitrocellulose or acrylic) or urethane.Is the finish hard enough... 
Smooth Jazz Freak needs New Artists
Threads like this are a gem!!!!!Love to see more in other music genres, don't you think that we should have like a music interchange thread periodically??Doug:Have you tried going to and type some of the names you mentioned? After hit... 
To Aesthetix users
Patrick:What a journey!!!!! First congratulations on solving this bugging situation, what a nice example of fellow 'goners help and manufacturers backing their product. This reminded me about checking the cable layout in my system. I recently move... 
amp wont turn on?
Gelmhirst:What a relief, so the amp is OK.Just to confirm, you use the original power cord in the usual wall outlet and it works fine, right?If so is the upgraded cord a new one? Did you buy it used? 
amp wont turn on?
If you disconnect a) interconnects and b)speaker cables an try to power up does it goes on OK?If no external connections exist and the amp powers OK then you might have a short circuit most probably in the speaker cables. If it does not then you i... 
Best Solder
No lead, it's just flux vapors. Good ventilation in the area needed but no draft hitting directly the working area since heating will be more difficult. 
Best Solder
I'm posting again since somehow this didn't go through....So my following comments will complement some of the above notes.Some silver containing solders require higher temperatures to melt. This can be an inconvenience specially working on printe... 
I've found the cd player for analog lovers
Mmakshak:That CD you're suggesting is one of the best sounding I have. Nice pick!!!! 
need help breaking in speaker cables
If you have a HT with adequate terminations, put them there and use the receiver/processor to do the job, this way you shorten the time with your precious tubed gear. No need to turn on the TV or projector. 
Training for your system.
Hey guys let me know of similar "treats" you have for yourselves or special segments you have for testing purposes.Thanks 
Training for your system.
Belasarius the link 
Paradigms not producing enough lows ????
Check that your receiver setup is correct for subwoofer not present. Agree with previous posts as setup problems