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Classe' preamp ground loop hum. Help!
Ignatz get a "cheater plug" just two ends and yor get ground free + reverse capability for testing.. 
Thoughts on Kacz's ac cord
Carl: What your findings suggest having MIT at source .. Seems you prefer Reference MC, your second and third choices so far... My apologies for not contacting you the right way.. Big thanks 
Biwire Spk. Cable & Inter. Advice
Rlambert same advice as Carl I give you since my system has T2 biwire for speakers and higher level interconnect... 
Different & inconsistent sound quality
Definitely you have noisy power. PS 300 is not a cheap one. I suggest the dedicated line +ground separate and some power line conditioner. At least a HTS 2000 from Monster at 200.00 retail could be a fix if there's the 1000 I think versio cheaper ... 
220 Volt Ciruits
Nhorton: What I did for my system is to take 2 110 volt lines from the dryer breaker in the breaker box and run wires to two Hospital grade hubbells in my listening area. Added a separate couple of grounding rods and the results have been very ple... 
Two cable questions
Albert: could you share your findings on solder? Regards 
Power Cord Advice
Carl and Albert: It´s a very good sign for me to see you guys coming with a "balancing" comment here. Albert very good point there are other alternatives with shielded cable (stranded though) that could be used from Belden for the power cord.... I... 
Help! Will lubricant affect spkr.cables?
Another one that just came to mind use talc powder ... though keep an eye on spills specially if dark colored carpeting is in use. 
Power Cord Advice
Kacz: Mesh was connected to ground, no problem there. Thanks for the tip... 
Power Cord Advice
Any of you have information on Audioquest CA 15 and CA -12 power cords? Reviews or experiences to share There are very good price offers on them. Thanks 
Power Cord Advice
Any of you have information on Audioquest CA 15 and CA -12 power cords? There are very good price offers on them. Thanks 
Power Cord Advice
For clarification, KACZ as well as Albert Porter mentions, please e-mail the material list specially the cable..... e-mail Thanks 
Help! Will lubricant affect spkr.cables?
Lubricating oils depending on composition will affect the casing depending on the polymer they are made of. Is much safer to use soapy water or better graphite instead. Hope this helps 
Dedicated power lines for audio?
Bob: is the THHN a single copper wire? please confirm.... I also used the trick of the drill (better if reversible) for temporary long speaker cable runs for surrounds (ca 40 ft per channel) and it's much better that them running parallel without ... 
Power Cord Advice
Group count me in!!!!!!! I'm definitely looking for upgrading the junk stock wires on my equipment and have been installing Hubbell 5266 with very good success in monster HT 2000 and MIT Z Cord II(what an improvement) that feeds my amplifier... I'...