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Anyone interested in nearly perfection on a headphone a a great price??
@cheche9, thanks for the heads-up. There's also some good info about these cans over on Underwood HiFi's site. Looks like a great value for under $1,000! All the best. 
Tekton vs. Salk Sound?
Ok, the original thread was from 2017, but there's still some relevance for someone considering these two brands. I've met Jim a couple of times and he's a great guy who builds top-notch speakers. But other than the Exotica line, Salks need some j... 
Retubing dilemma
+1 for the Gold Lion KT77’s; and here’s how I got there: I was looking for an alternative to stock EL34’s, so first contacted Kevin Deal at Upscale Audio to get a recommendation. I explained my sound objectives … the ability to convey emotion, na... 
Starter turntable and MM cartridge recommendations
For that budget, here's something to consider:, across-the-board reviews, free shipping and 60-day trial. (No affiliation):Happy Listening! 
Where do you buy your CDs these days?
Amazon for CD's ... LP's from Discogs.  
New Unreleased Art Blakey
Thanks for the tip @mitch4t. Big Lee Morgan fan here too.Happy Listening! 
best hi res streaming service for jazz?
I started out with Spotify ... first free then paid. Later took trials of Tidal and Amazon HD simultaneously. At that time, Amazon HD (not to be confused with "basic" Amazon Music) offered a full 90-day trial. Not sure if that's standard or becaus... 
Anyone else attend the California Audio Show in Oakland?
I'm probably somewhat biased, since vinyl is my preferred source. That said, once again Zesto did a fantastic job with their room. I believe there was only one other room featuring vinyl; everything else was digital ... mostly streamers.I really l... 
What were your humble beginnings on the path to high end audio?
Not long after high school I had a janitorial job working graveyard at a local Sears store where they had some decent Fisher gear. Making minimum wage ($1.25?), I couldn’t afford their better stuff. So I took a chance and ordered a small system of... 
A DAC that crushes price vs. performance ratio
@nonoise + 1First, a big “thank you” to Terry (@teajay) for sharing this information. I wonder how many comments were from folks who actually read your entire review. What some have deemed as “pushing” or “promoting” can rightfully be termed “unbr... 
Spotify or Pandora
Glad I found this thread today. I was a Pandora early adopter, and been on their first level upgrade ($3.99/mo for ad free) for awhile. Because of radio style restrictions (even more since they introduced premium) I was looking at possible upgrade... 
Preamp suggestions ? Remote, tone control, phono for less than 1.5.
If I were in your situation, I'd get the Doge 8 and call it a day: luck, and Happy Listening! 
5-10k budget... so many choices
I don't know any of these folks personally; but who would you rather believe? @nitrobob ("Not even close ...") or these guys? Just sayin' 
5-10k budget... so many choices
@mofojo beat me to it. He posted while I was finishing this up:A few years back I heard some Legacy’s at the California Audio Show. They were my favorite among many other high-end speakers on hand. As a result of that experience, the Legacy Audio ... 
New credit card payment option
@maplegrovemusic I understand your concern completely; and @musicpod the reason to go "through all this brain damage" is so you don't end up taking the time and expense of shipping something and then NOT getting paid. For the most part, I've had d...