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What record weight for Rega RP10
I had a LinnSondek that really opened up when used on a balsa shelf that I knocked together with a couple of small brads  
Upgrading preamp. Best for under $1K
see if used Ayre preamps are doable for you....wonderful components  
Bought a system without auditioning, thoughts?
like buying a bridge in Brooklyn  
What record weight for Rega RP10
It's a matter of design.....my Linn sounded much better on a lightweight thin wood shelf I put together with brads, than anything "audiophile approved" I tried.  
What record weight for Rega RP10
I wouldn't use a record weight on an RP10  
Best set-up under $20K
I had an 802....quickly tired of them  
Curious Why Benz Micro Slid Into Obscurity
I had an LPS... wonderful music  
Budget preamp recommendation...besides Schiit.
Consider used Ayre....I have a K5xemp,,,,,love it...nothing ever went wrong. Great open 3D sound.  
RCA versus XLR interconnects
all my electronics are Ayre....differentially balanced...hace all xlr cables including phono input....dead quiet even at full volume.  
Speaker and Cable Suggestions Please
after you are settled with your amp, get a few different manufacturers of cables and listen to what pleases you.....(I think Audioquest is for me)...but listen for yourself  
Amp Recommendations
get a good quality used amp.....look around for an Ayre  
For those who always dreamed of owning a Nakamichi
too bad  
Why is solid state more popular when tubes are better?
who said tubes are better??  
UPS Driver Literally Drops Package with New Hana Umami Red
nothing else to worry about?  
Radical toe in once more
disconnect the back firing speaker