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About Lugnut -- Patrick Malone
Rest in peace. Thanks Pat. 
Repairing MDF shelf finish
Automtive glazing putty. It's often used to fill the cut edges of MDF which are too porous to paint. 
12au7 tube questions
Though maybe not what I would call dark, the best 12au7 I have come across is the Philips Miniwatt 7316 variety. Beautifully detailed without tipping towards the slightly harder edgier Telefunkens or oppositely to the mushy Mullard. Most others I ... 
Short floorstanders?
>For music (the main concern)<Got up on the wrong side of the bed? I just meant that music is the main use and secondly as HT. The screen is a pull-down type for a projector, and I'm sure he'd have a dedicated room if that was possible.Also,... 
what CD player between 1-2K
I had the Rega and switched to the Cary 308. Both fine players but with the increased resolution in the Cary came increased glare. I now have a Copland CDA-289 (not to be confused with the 266 or 288). It's in your price range and if you can find ... 
That dreaded hum
You can still buy the Mondial at "Music Direct" for $99 but there are lots of examples of these isolators. This is the cheapest I've seen: 
I have my table now I need a phono, please help
Nice rig. I was lucky enough to audition the Sonic Frontiers SFP-1 Signature, the Dynavector P-75 and the Audiomat Phono 1 and the Coph Nia all at the same time. (the first two were my friend's). My auditioning was mostly with a Rega P9 TT and Dyn... 
Shipping to Canada? Don't use UPS
I've had the same results. UPS once charged me $94 for a set of jumpers I paid $150 for. Ridiculous. 
How long does a stylus last?
Though I don't have a cleaning machine, I usually use the Premier LP cleaner and dry brush method,Last stylus cleaner and Zerostat before each play. I found the Zerodust doesn't work all that well. More offensive records get hand cleaned with Reco... 
How long does a stylus last?
I've been looking at Koetsu. They don't become affordable (generally) until about 300-500 hrs. I have a Shelter 501 mkII and a Dynavector XX-2. ("My System" is not updated) 
Power Cord Priority
Recently I read that Nordost's opinion is to put the best power cord at the beginning, ie., from the wall to the power conditioner. I always used to start from the source first. Though often used to defend the idea of source as most important, it'... 
I want to upgrade my TT for about $2K.
I mean in comparison to the Scoutmaster. 
I want to upgrade my TT for about $2K.
What about the VPI Aries? 
Checking the AC polarity of your amplifier
Nsgarch - For your ** comment, could you not just switch the house wires into the outlet being used? 
Re-tubing Audiomat Arpege. Suggestions?
Thanks Steve. I did buy used and the 12ax7's that came with the amp are relatively new Electroharmonix's. I posted this because of my explorations into 12au7's with my other amp and finally found some Philips minwatt 7316's that were much better t...