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Marantz SR6006 HDMI out to TV problem.
I would try a different HDMI cable first. 
audiophile rockers
I totally believe that about Katy Lied! I always wondered why it sounded dull. 
Anthem mrx500 vs onyko TX NR 809
Note that Anthem AVR's DO NOT have multichannel analog inputs. HDMI only. 
Good DAC with two optical inputs
The Cambridge DacMagic has two inputs. 
using non-hdmi home theater system with blue ray
In fact, you may be getting a better picture with this configuration than those who run HDMI through an AVR first and then to the TV.I have not had sync issues, but most AVR's enable you to correct sync anyway. (Assume a Mac multi-channel set up w... 
Itunes keeps stopping
I USED to have this exact issue, which is aggravating to say the least. (Not as much as world hunger, but you know what I mean.)I have noticed that after I upgraded iTunes to 10.5.1 (currently the latest version), this hasn't happened. (Knock on h... 
Where does the DAC go?
It goes between the player and the amp.Complex answers to simple questions is what makes audiophiles amusing to the general population. 
Wall mounts for ERA D5's
I'd contact Signal Path, (Peachtree and Era's parent). Since they include the wall mounts with the Era D4's, they must have mounts for the D5 that can be bought and I can't imagine they cost as much as the speakers. 
Where does the DAC go?
The internal DAC in a ROKU is like the one in an iPod in that it's cheap. If you're using any streaming media player for music into a hi-fi, then you will improve the sound by plugging the player into a half-decent external DAC.The player requires... 
Christmas Music and Audiophiles?
CD:Vanessa Williams - Star BrightJames Taylor - At ChristmasHandel's Messiah: A Soulful CelebrationYo-Yo Ma - Songs of Joy and PeaceDitto on Charlie Brown Christmas, esp the hi-res versionIt's a bit kitschy but Mannheim Steamroller Christmas and A... 
small speaker for office
+1 for Era D4's. Astonishing bass response, accuracy for a small speaker. Love the heft when you pick them up. 
Live Performances Gone Awry
Van Morrison earned my contempt. Three years ago he played Toronto's Air Canada Center- wrong venue for the kind of band, lack of amplification or video screens - made the entire concert a strain. $150 a ticket didn't help.He basically sang with h... 
media player for mac.
I use Fidelia, but the cheaper version, ($20). Works fine with a lovely interface. It just uses iTunes as your library but plays and converts if needed without any hiccups.I also use BitPerfect. Even cheaper, ($5). But you retain the iTunes interf... 
What started you on your audiophile journey .
My father had a Grundig receiver and 2 little Grundig speakers and then got a Dual turntable which he still has though doesn't use and switched to Noresco (Canadian rebranding of Philips) bookshelf speakers that were big enough to use as end table... 
FREE - The Audio Optimization Guide For Apple OS X
I found an app that will check that your Mac can boot 64 bit and reset it so that it boots 64 bit without having to hold down 6 and 4 as per the Guide.Startup Mode Selector: