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Apple TV ethernet wired server
"accept files via ethernet, or only by streaming. I would prefer the wired connection."Streaming is either by ethernet or wireless. Both original and 2nd generation Apple TV's stream music via both wired (ethernet) and wireless. Not sure what you ... 
TV only recommendation
The best image comes from plasma. If you can find a Pioneer Elite Kuro model, (Pioneer stopped making them at the end of 2009 because they couldn't sell them for what they cost to build and make enough profit), you will be happiest. They were the ... 
What is the best compressed iTunes format?
In my experience, the sweet spot for compressed on an iPod would be AAC format 196Kps or MP3 format 256kps VBR (variable bit rate) for maximum music given your listening situation, (ear buds.)Anything more would reduce the amount of music without ... 
7.1 versus 2 channel analog
Most Blu-Ray players allow you to choose to mix-down the multi-channel mix to stereo in the set up menu. 
Peachtree iDac reliabilty?
I went through 3 original Deccos. First one DOA. Second one, left channel dead. Third one worked fine for a year, then no sound. Repaired at Peachtree's expense, though I paid for shipping there and back.I do think there are quality control issues... 
AVR preamp out question
Depends on the AVR. Harman-Kardon preamp-outs wouldn't allow you to do this, for example. 
Help for a server on a budget.
Apple TV is an even less expensive option than a Squeezebox as it will stream all your iTunes music, though you would need an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad to run the remote control software. (So that might make the cost a wash with Squeezebox.) If y... 
Am I nuts or what? Apple TV
As long as you are happy with iTunes and the 16/44 is really the only "limitation", (though not for me), Apple TV is an excellent device to connect to your stereo. However, remember you also need to connect either an HD TV so you can view what son... 
Grant Fidelity B-283 Tube Buffer: Worthwhile or No
I use mine for internet radio. Makes a big difference with compressed source.Not advised if you use a tube CDP, though. 
New Apple TV -- Anyone planning on it?
I have the original 40 gig Apple TV and since the old one doesn't stream photos, I use the hard drive to store photos, while it streams music from my computer. After adding a DAC downstream, I'm convinced music sounds as good or better than CD. (I... 
dac for multiple sources
Not sure of a DAC with FIVE digital inputs, but a Peachtree Nova MIGHT have 
Bookshelf Speakers for Master Bedroom
I recommend Era speakers, particularly the D4, (which are fantastic and I own), or D5. Both are small, but have amazing range and bass far beyond their weight class. Both under your budget. 
Does Apple airport express work well?
An Airport Express IS a wireless router, so depending on your layout, you may not need another one.It's a fantastic music streamer, as is an Apple TV if you want visuals to go with your music, but Apple TV does need a router. 
Power cord..CDP or AMPLIFIER?
It's a bit of apples and oranges. You need both.I know that upgrading power cords to modest PS Audio ones has improved things on both my player and my amp. Given your budget, I'd see what's on sale at Music Direct or your favourite brick and morta...