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Suitable Low Frequency X-Over for B&W Matrix 804's
Oh this is just for music, Ill throw a movie on now and again but theater isnt a concern for me 
Amp more important than speakers?
I personally believe if you get the amplification right on a limited budget and work on a low noise floor you will have the best results. As you go into better speakers they will reveal more but that isnt a good thing if you dont have your upfront... 
Best Tube Pre-Amp under 4K
I have to recommend The Conrad Johnson Premier 16. It has the most beautiful sound I have heard to date. 
Conrad Johnson Premier 4 vs. Premier 11A?
Oh I forgot to say. My speakers are B&W Matrix 804's with with Mundorf Supreme caps for referenceThanks Toby 
Resonant Frequency Tracking Problems please help
Shay Thanks for your responseI have a 15HZ and 35HZ Subsonic filter and it still isnt working even at 35, I have no problem whatsoever with digital, just with the table.Thanks a million Toby 
A warning to all about HUGE Subwoofers
05-01-11: Sounds_real_audioSo how does the sub integrate into your system. Is it seamless?My room is an L Shape about 12' Wide by 20' deep turning into an L about 10' in so i have HUGE suckout and there is no door just a 5x6 doorway so I dont have... 
A warning to all about HUGE Subwoofers
Hi I did the first post, I realized after I posted that while the test tone was the first Eye-catcher er Ear-catcher was the test tone.I then threw on E-40 (Local Bay Area Rapper) and turned the amp to my speakers off to see what it could do, go f... 
Can I swap a Stepped Attenuator for a Potentiomer?
Thanks yall, I really appreciate it. My preamp uses awesome older ALPS Pots. They are encased in a plastic/resin? compound. I am really interested in what I will see in my upgrade especially as it is already two mono preamps. I really appreciate a... 
Can I swap a Stepped Attenuator for a Potentiomer?
Ok, So I Did a lot of searching and as long as you have the same impedance/resistance? you should be good to go?Rather amazing to think a machine could go 100% all the time that wasnt origanially designed this way, Is this right?Also what are the ... 
Hearing loss Temporary or more permanent?
Ok I Feel better as I know I am pretty much pushing High 80's most of the time I play loud. By the way Thorman Im 26 and all of a sudden at the coffee shop the other day there was a cute 19 year old who likes me and I thought to myself the other g... 
Review: Audio Note CDT 2 Transport
Years later Man I hope you have a job writing somewhere awesome review man 
Help choosing a Conrad Johnson preamp
Hi this is a bit late to add this but for reference CJ will install a new set of main outs for I believe $140 or so if I remember right, it was pretty reasonable 
Is there any bad sounding high-end gear--?
I personally agree completely that the 90's were the best time for audio based on several facts.The Computer revolution had made many parts available and resources for higher grade parts available at prices that were never seen beforeThere was fin... 
thoughts while listening
Rok2IDI dont have a hot daughter yet, But based on my cousins daughter was runnerup for homecoming queen and the girls I hang out with Im gonna be in serious S* later on.I really like imagining whats going on in Jimi Hendrix Electric Ladyland wher... 
thoughts while listening
You have a hot daughter?