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JM Labs, Focal Diablo Utopia VS. Micro Utopia BE
also to ask another question, While the price of labor is less expensive in Asia, at what point does it become more cost effective to buy American VS Foreign I personally am building a system based on Conrad Johnson, Parasound, and am thinking of ... 
State of the art CD player? Only if you do this.
I would just like to point out a couple things in my humble views of CD players.I bleieve the most important aspect of a CD player is the transport beyond all else. It seems as if the 30lb CD players play forever and will play the most destroyed t... 
What's your profession? Age?
26 Putting my system back together after hard times. Im a Multi-talented workaholic. nothing fancy working on a cj pre, parasound halo a23, matrix 804's. I NEED a Velodyne HGS 18 though 
Anyone have any experience in car audio?
Oh to the best of my knowledge you dont damage your hearing from low frequencies its the higher pitched frequencies that destroy your hearing, Please shoot back if im wrong id like to know. 
Anyone have any experience in car audio?
I Put way too much money in mine (Focal utopia components and 11" utopia subs run in stereo with a Esoteric Audio E7402 and Zapco Competition gear. All I have to say on this one Is its all about amplifier quality and signal gain, Do you have an Eq... 
Parasound A-23s in mono or A-21
Hi I personally Own an A23 myself and think its a great amp, I have talked to my local "Audio god" who actually happens to sell parasound and asked him this question. The circuitry is the same just a larger version and I would actually be better o...