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How to Connect Headphones to a SMSL DAC
@soix  Yes I’d like some headphone amp recommendations.  My price range would be up to $800. Any one who cares to chime in with an amp suggestion, please do so! My setup would be NODE N130 > SMSL M400 > Amp > Sennheiser HD600.  
Source For Styrofoam Packing Inserts
On contacting PSB dealers/distributor, I was thinking that they may have around some used inserts for a set of speakers that they sold. But it’s a long shot. i strongly recommend against “popcorn”.  It is soft and with jostling in transit - think... 
Source For Styrofoam Packing Inserts
Probably a long shot but you could try contacting PSB dealers or the national distributor. Normally the packing is necessary until delivery, then most owners want to keep them.  
A Serious Subwoofer
Has anyone seen the cat lately?  
A ridiculously cheap cable riser.
@jtcf Do they come in white? :-) Yes, on Amazon. Also grey, green and red.  
Is it possible for a high end manufacturer to overprice their goods?
I went and watched a video on the Orion. Take a look at it on the Rockport website. It might influence your thoughts about the product and it’s MSRP. Of course, I have no idea what it sounds like. But I can see that someone thinking about purchasi... 
Could these be your next cable loom??...and price be damned.
It’s this or a bottle of 1947 Cheval-Blanc…tossup. It would be best to listen to the cables and taste the wine before deciding…but that’s not going to happen.  
Are audiophile products designed to initially impress then fatigue to make you upgrade?
Changes in technology are moving very quickly compared to the past. Manufacturers might be competing to make upgraded equipment at a reasonable cost rather than a build quality that will last many years.  Especially if what is being made today wil... 
Has Anyone Compared the DAC On a Bluesound NODE 3rd Gen to a Separate DAC?
I notice that some vocals do not seem very ‘present’, but seem to get lost in the background.  This varies by recording, as this is sometimes very marked, while at other times the vocals are great. @erik_squires In response mentioned that, “It’s ... 
Has Anyone Compared the DAC On a Bluesound NODE 3rd Gen to a Separate DAC?
@knownothing Thx for your comments! Since my original post I have added the PD Creative power adopter, an LHY linear power supply, an SMSL M400 DAC and a fiber optic link in my Ethernet connection. The sound is very good, but I’m not sure I can ac... 
Unscrupulous ebay buyers
OP - Here’s another thing to consider - although the buyer sent it back without opening a case, he may still be able to open a case of “did not match description.”  My guess is that if you don’t refund him, he will open one, whether you send it ba... 
Some famous reviewers have atrocious listening rooms!
@jjss49 You can see the full presentation on YouTube - “Reviewing Loudspeakers: Mesurements and Listening Tests”. The tests were conducted at Harmon, where factors such as volume were controlled. I don’t recall much detail in how they trained the... 
Unscrupulous ebay buyers
@tony1954 I notice that when I buy used appliance parts on eBay, they are all marked by the seller.  Obviously they have been scammed before where the buyer sends them back their original broken part for a refund. OP - Boy, if you get back the ca... 
Some famous reviewers have atrocious listening rooms!
I recently watched a video on reviewing loudspeakers. In it an elaborate test of different listener groups reliability was conducted. Trained Listeners were by far the most reliable. Next, a group of Audio Retailers. Professional Audio Reviewers w... 
New Outlets Lead to Better Sounding and Tasting Coffee
Coffee beans in many cases taste better after resting a few days to a few weeks after they are roasted.  Once ground, they start to go stale after a few minutes.  But this might only apply to higher quality beans and roasting.