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How To Connect a DAC?
Thx!  Here’s more information. My active speakers are BeoLab 8000’s.  My room is 20’ x 40’ with mostly hard surfaces, but also broken up by furniture, protruding bookshelves, etc.  The only option for treatment is ceiling absorbent panels.  I’ve ... 
How To Connect a DAC?
I am cautiously optimistic that a separate DAC will sound better. My speakers do not have any room correction.  Nor do they have XLR inputs.  Sub 1 has XLR inputs.  Sub 2 is connected via wireless transmitter which does not have XLR inputs.  
Why do Tube Amps sound more romantic v SS amps
It’s great that there is a choice.  One doesn’t have to be ‘better’ than the other…just ‘different.’  There is more to music enjoyment than just the sound, including enjoyment of the equipment.  It’s an individual matter of choice.  Also we may ha... 
Comments on NODE 3 Power Supply Upgrade
ianrmack Good to hear! I’ve had 3 recommended DAC’s that stand out for use with the NODE: Pontus II, NJC and Gustard X26 Pro. I am sure there are others, especially at higher price points. The Aires II, Topping, SMSC and others I’ve had some + a... 
So, I listened to a $1Million Dollar System
Expectation disappointment.  
Slow Shipping Question - UPS
You should be able to look at a detailed shipping update using the tracking no.  That should show where it’s been since it was shipped.  Maybe weather is a factor.  
Best way to keep REL sub from “hopping around” at high volumes
Buy a 18in by 18in by 1in recycled rubber outdoor paver from Home Depot and put it under the sub.  Or sized otherwise to fit your feet..  Don’t put anything on top.  
Subwoofer suggestions for budget system?
I bought a used Hsu ULH15 Mk II, and found that it filled in a whole missing dimension to my music. The cost wouldn’t be unreachable from your starting budget.  After all, what do you get for $100 today?  Then I added a Paradigm Monitor 12in seale... 
Packing & Shipping Large/Heavy Speakers
Can you contact the manufacturer or dealer to find how they were originally packed?  Or are there videos of an unpacking of them, or a similar size speakers?  
Are advances in technology making speakers better?
Everybody’s different.  Some like to seek out the latest design/technology innovations in an attempt to stay or get ahead of the pack.  Others choose a well tested design and stick with it for years.  I started with a pair of used B & O BeoLab... 
Interesting.  I don’t know what to think.  
I bought a used Bluesound NODE 3rd gen and listen to free radio, iHeart and Radio Paradise.  I’m using the built in DAC.  It sounds wonderful!  MUCH better than my CD’s on a high quality player.    
Is there such a thing as a FOREVER DAC/streamer?
I would say that for those 75 or older, a DAC bought today would likely be FOREVER.  Below that age it will become outdated.  
What do you do when you inherit some gear that you don’t want.
Would the retailer take them back, maybe with a restocking fee?  
What’s your latest high-end audio purchase?
NODE 3rd gen.  Sounds great!