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bryston bcd-3 vs cambridge 851c
ok thank you for your input 
bryston bcd-3 vs cambridge 851c
ok thanks,,i have a friend who is going to let me listen to his musical fidelity A5 this weekend so there is another player in the mix,im comparing adcom gcd-750,Cambridge 840c,there pretty close,thanks again,,kris 
bryston bcd-3 vs cambridge 851c
i have a Cambridge 840w amp,840e preamp,adcam gcd-750 cd player,b&w 683 speakers 
Bryston BCD-1 impressions?
i was not impressed with the bryston bcd1,i have listen to musical fiedlity a1-a5-cambridge 840c,they were the clear winner,, 
Comparisons between the Bryston BCD-1 & Esoteric
i did a test on my system,,musical fidelity a1-a5-cambridge 840c,to me were all better players,you can find them used and save your money 
Ayre CX-7e vs. Bryston BCD-1
i have not compared the 2 players,but i have a cambridge 840c,i had musical fidelity a5 and a1,and i like the other players,dont get me wrong im not bashing the bryston,i have a 4bsst and there bp26 pre,and was wishing to have a mached set, but wa... 
Mapleshade cables?? v Anti Cables
hi,,i used cardas gold ref int,analysis solo crystal oval,audioquest colorado,morrow audio ref2 and when i got the anti they blew them all out of the water,,havent found a cable that is as OPEN.you cant go wrong with the anti,,im still breaking in... 
Cambridge 840c vs. Bryston BCD-1 vs. Ayre CX-7e
the cambridge kills it all except for low bass..kris 
Amp for Vienna Accousics Beethoven speakers
i doint recamend vienna,i got a pair and they came dinded up,i called to see if i could get them repaired or send them back and they said i need to take them to a furniture resto or piano resto,,now what if i had got a pair of tyler or thiel or ma... 
Amp for Vienna Accousics Beethoven speakers
i had a pair of concert grand-bryston 4bsst,my amp bearly got warm,,viennas are easy to run,,i cant get parts and cant send them back,,so i sold them,,,they came dinged up kris 
tweeters & mids - what is their life span?
go ahead and get some now speakers,,k 
Adcom GFP 750 Pre Amp & Bryston 4B STT
im using the combo now,,sounds good to me,,teel