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Past or current Green Mountain C-3 owners
@Batman1 I agree there is no perfect speaker. That is why most of us have a few different speakers to rotate thru. I have the modified Klipsch Chorus II..very fun speaker and Martin Logan Summits.  
Past or current Green Mountain C-3 owners
Thanks Mrotino for the insights on Spatial Audio. Open Baffle have been on my mind as options like Spatial or GR Research DIY..    
Past or current Green Mountain C-3 owners
Batman. Thanks for the input. I did do the HX crossover upgrade myself. Roy sent me the new crossover with very detailed instructions to install with a new Marigo wring harness.  Seemed to make a significant  improvement, so what speakers. I did t... 
Budget DAC recommendation for Office system
Thanks. Good recommendations.  Any opinions  about the Schiit Modi 3?  
Replacement woofer for Green Mouintain Audio Europa
I spoke with Midwest Speaker Repair. They were open to taking a look at the woofer to see if they could repair.  Thanks for the pointer Ralph.  I will still be on the lookout to buy one if I find one.  Otherwise I am stuck with trying to find a wo... 
Replacement woofer for Green Mouintain Audio Europa
I will give Midwest Speaker a shout. Thanks  
Compare Purif-based amp vs Class A/B (Code No 8/ Halo JC-5/ Pass X-250/ Anthem STR)
I actually have a pair of Viva Aurora SET monos using 845 and 211 tubes. Before that I had an Air Tight ATM-2.  I have a hybrid 2-channel and Surround system so looking for a musically satisfying SS amp.  I was thinking about the VTV Purifi monos ... 
Preview: CODA Technologies new generation number#8 Stereo Amplifier
Question for Teajay. Since you also reviewed the Pass X250.8 how would you compare the performance with the Coda No.8? Thanks 
VTV Purifi amp models
You can see the VTV Purifi models @ 
VTV Purifi amp models is the description:NEW Monoblock VTV Amplifier with Purifi 1ET400A module and VTV amplifier custom input buffer and full 3000W power supply to provide the greatest signal headroom. Selected options for the modular plug-in discrete opa... 
Tube Research Samson Repair?
That is encouraging stereopup. I am on the process of looking for a trustworthy tech in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. If anyone knows of one please let me know. Thanks 
Tube Research Samson Repair?
The TRL Samson amp is an all solid state affar 
Tube Research Samson Repair?
I am assuming you mean Brian Weitzel? 
INTEGRA DHC-80.3 Surround Processor
I have had an Integra 80.3 for several years in my hybrid 2-channel/surround system. I only use the Integra for surround music (streamed from Synology NAS via Oppo 103D via HDMI to the 80.3) and movies/TV.. The L-R output of the 80.3 is an input t... 
Are big subwoofers viable for 2 channel music?
I have not experimented with the SWARM concept but did hear Duke's room at an RMAF (remember when we used to have those :-) a few years back an he definitely had good sound and balanced low end.. I have experimented with subs for two-channel music...