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Satellite or CATV?
The only thing, Aaron, is that Dish Network (at least for many years) did not give nearly as many options for out of town sports as DirecTV. If that's important to BlueSwan, it's something worth looking into. I wish my damn friends at the Justice ... 
Any fans of Django Reinhardt
I'm a huge fan! I really enjoy "Swing 39: Jazz in Paris." (It was supposed to be "Jazz in Berlin," but ol' Adolf didn't take too kindly to gypsys.) It's sonically decent, considering the vintage, and the performance is superb. In many cases, there... 
Satellite or CATV?
The best I've seen by far is Hi-Def DirecTV into an HDTV (especially plasma). DirecTV offers better value for roughly 225 channels than cable generally does for 240 channels or so. 
"Kid A"
OK Computer was the best CD of the 90's, IMHO. It just noses out Never Mind. 
Santana "Shaman" Released 10/22
It got a terrible review in the Wash. Post today...they sort of pitied him, to be honest. Haven't heard it myself (not a fan in general). I didn't take to Supernatural at all. 
other singers like Patricia Barber.....
These are all excellent and creditable responses, but for my money, there's no one who's truly *like* Patricia Barber. She's one of a kind, and may we have her around for many more decades to come. 
Diana Krall's New CD "Live in Paris"????
I was just summarizing, Elmuncy. 
Diana Krall's New CD "Live in Paris"????
Viridian, your remarks are among the most thruthful and accurate that I have ever heard uttered on AudiogoN (or elsewhere). Diana Krall is sh*t. 
What do you think Audiogon does right? or wrong?
AudiogoN gives us each other. You can't ask for more than that! 
MIT Love 'em or Hate 'em
Thanks, Ozfly! It's good to know my work is being appreciated! There's nothing worse than having to suffer for your art... 
MIT Love 'em or Hate 'em
MIT sounded terrible with my gear...but that's just my gear (and my ear). Hey! My gear and my ear! Could that be the start of a new catchphrase? Maybe I'll become famous *after* all! Anyway, I prefer the sound of Kimber (everything from Hero to Se... 
Why Put Up With "Wife Approval Factor"?
"Girls will be girls, if you must have one, you might as well grab one with money."In my view, this is the truest statement ever uttered by a human being. 
Why Put Up With "Wife Approval Factor"?
Women cost money. Some cost more, some cost less, but they all cost money. That's money that I can't put into my system. I'll take the system. 
Audio Rack with Positive "waf"
Give Sanus a shot. I'll bet she likes their maple/glass products. Understated and classy. 
Is there an easy to use vcr?
Sean--Good to know it's not just me who got a little too fascinated with a piece of electronics and bought it without performing "due diligence," so to speak! ;-) (My God!! $400 for the JBL Harmony, piece pf junk glorified alarm clock! Aaarggh!!!!)