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Best RG6/RCA Compression Connectors for Subwoofer Cable
It is true that RG6 is a 75 ohm cable, however the LFE out/subwoofer line out that connects to a powered subwoofer is an analog signal, not digital. The RG6 will make things work, but would not be my first choice. If it's not possible to use a fac... 
Asking for help - Please! How to play CD's in car with no CD player!
Have you investigated the capabilities of the audio system in the car? My 2017 Toyota has Bluetooth and various other inputs to the audio system, one being a USB. Haven't tried it yet, but from looking at the car's manual, it appears that I can ju... 
Spam threads gone wild...
I use to enjoy a few minutes on the forum every morning, but it has become more and more frustrating.It has turn into Spamogon!!! 
Adcom GFA 555 II
Agree with roberjerman, any bridged amp should not be used with a speaker having an impedance of less than 8 ohms. 
Dragon, RX-505 or DR-2 ?
The Dragon and RX-505 have the same transport, which was Nakamichi's best. The DR-2 was a somewhat cheaper design, although still better than most other brands of cassette decks. Sounds like the DR-2 may be priced a little high, but it would be my... 
Different types of cable for bi-wire
"Harmonic Technology used to sell bi-cable (magic series) where one was called "woofer" and one was called "tweeter"."Many cable companies have sold this and other designs marked "woofer" and "tweeter". A highly respected speaker company says you ... 
Bowers and Wilkins Htm72
The center speaker should timbre match the L&R. Does your L&R come from the same series of B&W as the HTM61? If so, then no need to consider a change. 
Recommended sources for tubes
"Yes why, inquiring minds want to know."Title should be, Recommended source components for tube system.Just typical nowadays of how people don't use enough words in a phrase leaving it to have multiple different meanings. 
Speaker Suggestions
Is this change for 2 channel audio listening? If not, keep in mind you will need to change center and rear to timbre match the L & R for multi channel music and movies. 
Speaker suggestions
"Any opinion as to the Klipsch Heresy III? Compared to Salk song 3."With the 20 watt tube amp, big difference in dynamic range. Klipsch will have excellent dynamic range and the Salks will be limited like the Polks. The Salks performance would be ... 
Speaker suggestions
No doubt the amp/speaker match is very important for quality sound. Rather than suggesting my favorite speaker like most posters do, I'll make a comment.Due to the parameters you mention in your post, a higher sensitivity speaker will be better.Cl... 
PrimaLuna Prologue one speaker match
The amp/speaker match is very important to achieve good sound. No doubt your current Klipsch/Primaluna combination is an excellent match. Since you have been accustomed to the dynamics of that combination, changing to a speaker with a much lower s... 
Your favourite Christmas song.......
Don't really have a favorite, but here's one that's definitely nontraditional, and for some strange reason I always seem to listen to it at least once due to my own actions, but it always makes me smile.https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=P37xPiRz1sg 
Center Channel with Magnepan .7: Magnepan mmg-c vs Kilpsch
The center channel should be timbre matched to the L&R. The absolutely perfect timbre match would be a third 0.7, so the further away you move from that scenario, the more degradation is created for the overall front sound presentation. 
H.H. Scott 299-C Faceplate Needed
Agree that the "big auction site" is the place to find one, although a very nice condition faceplate only may be rare. You may need to purchase a non-working unit with a nice faceplate, make a swap, then sell the non-working unit.