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Bookshelf speaker for Stingray II?
Why not wait to see what the Manley does with your current speakers? It's additional power will give you more body and impact. 
Dedicated Line ....... my system SUCKS
Read the thread about dedicated line on 1-27-2011, good info. 
Revel Gems - Single Wire, Bi-Wire, or Bi-Amp
If you bi-amp, then vertical, otherwise single wire. I know bi-wire has been audio fashion for some time, and I jumped on the bandwagon as well. After a few years of trying this, myself and some hi-fi buddies, we thought single wire sounded better... 
A great amp for some monitor audios
Hi Caveman33, I have always thought the A308 delivered a warm, fatigue free sound with a wide, deep soundstage. Extremely far from being dry and bright. I know some will say different, but I think what they are hearing is a result of something els... 
dedicated power line
Receptacles are rated for either 15a or 20a, but as you said, some are not labeled. Should be on the original spec sheet. 
best premp for a pair of pass aleph 30's?
Absolutely, a Pass preamp for the best synergy. They were designed to go together. 
dedicated power line
Absolutely, same phase leg. Thanks for the additional comment. 
dedicated power line
Hi Neil, I think the basic cost effective way is to run two dedicated 20 amp lines, one for analog and one for digital, with good quality wire, 20 amp breakers, and 20 amp outlets, but not hospital grade. 
A great amp for some monitor audios
Hi Caveman33, great short list, but then I've used Musical Fidelity for years, original X-series, A3, A308, and A5. Currently use the A308, as it has been the best so far. On the used market, it's great performance for the price. General advice, w... 
Upgraded power cables- Who's on First?
Who's on First? Most important power cable is the one from the breaker box to the outlet. Can I assume everyone has a proper dedicated line? Two would even be better.