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Imaging and Detail.
I agree with Tvad.As a guitarist/ band guy playing and recording (late 1970s through the mid 1990s)any studio I was ever in mixed through highend monitors then listened through junk basically to see how it would sound to the masses.The band would ... 
The CD player is dead.......
Pettyofficer ..Lay off the "cap lock",no need to shout or pound you opinions on this site.IMO,most dont really care.If you dont like whats going on/or not going on in the download world,dont get involved..Simple enough,next problem! 
Marantz Sa-15 S2 vs marantz sa-11 s2
IMO ,if you dedided on only those two and no other options, buy used as both have poor resale value.Dealers are blowing the 11s2 out,maybe a new model in the horizon??I think list on the 11s2 is 3500 and one can be bought new w/warranty for about ... 
Which of these SACD players would you choose?
I agree..Oppo is junk and Buconero117 is a fool 
Dynaudio Contour S3.4 or Dynaudio Focus 360?
IMO Buy a used pair of C1s 
Thiel 3.7 vs Wilson Sasha
IMO, your mini review is quite stated by another, unless you are comparing with the same front end gear in the same room your review has no merit.Ive heard both speakers and the Sasha blows away the 3.7s but thats just my opinoin and its... 
Mid-priced CDPs: Old vs. new technology
Why spend more then $60, including shipping? SonyStyle sells refurb's of the 595 changer from time to time. Best to get one and judge for your self. Hey, if you don't like it Sony will pick it up for free and give you all your money back. The 595 ... 
Good amps for Thiel CS 3.7 speakers?
IMO, Cardas Neutrals are amoung the weakest in their lineup , should be used on real long runs only.What made you buy them??Cross would have been a much better choice,but then again I dont care for Bryston at all and Theil is so so.To each his own 
What amp sounds best with the B&W 803D Speakers?
I have no experience with Classe but IMO Mac amps are generally slow and colored with a house sound I dislike,B&W is slow and has a horrible tweeter.I would go with an amp that is faster and has better bass control for those speakers. 
Is Esoteric SA-10 sonically as good as DV-50 or 60
Why would you want a digital player to sound "analog"?.Get a table if that what your looking for in presentation..For me I wouldnt buy a player if it sounded analog like a table 
Tube amps for Dyn C1 and Sonos/HT?
IMO,Pass labs..end of story 
Dynaudio Confidence 5 vs Harbeth
The truth stings like a bit** sometimes...We all know or should know a square room is death to acoustics..A 14' square room with those speakers is just flat insaine!!No point tiptoeing around the truth. 
Dynaudio Confidence 5 vs Harbeth
You have C5s in a 14 square room,LOL!...No speaker will perform in that room.I suggest Bose and save your money for a room addition 
Dynaudio Confidence 5 vs Harbeth
IMO, im not really sure why you would want to jump ship and buy or even consider Harbeths.The C1s with a nice sub at 1/2 the price will out perform the 40.1s which are slow,extremely colored , rolled of highs ,very inefficient etc etc.Where as Dyn... 
Dynaudio Confidence 5 vs Harbeth
IMO, just because 1 guy sold his C4s and bought Harbeths doesnt make it a good move..The Dynaudio Confidence line is in another league to the Harbeth 40.1s and its siblings.I would strongly suggest listening to them for a long time before moving i...