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Aesthetix Calypso Signature vs. ARC REF 3
I agree w/Swanny76109..Didnt like the build quality..and its too cameleon like changing its sound from tube to tube..I prefer a pre that doesnt wave in the wind with different tubes 
Wilson Sophia 3
IMO, the Sasha tweeter is more natural sounding and easier to listen to than what was previous..and the W/P line forgetaboutit!!Im guessing Wilson will sell alot of the new Sophias 
Dynaudio Confidence C2 or Focus 360 ?
yes find me a nice pair for 8 grand..Ill be waiting,lol..last legit pair(about 3-4 weeks ago) just sold on this site for 10,5K in about 3 days 
Dynaudio Confidence C2 or Focus 360 ?
I've seen them for $8k on the used market.Ill take every pair you have at that price ..try 10-11 grand 
802d for a 10x13 room, 8ft ceiling - am I nuts?
Can anyone help me biasing a Jadis Defy 7?
I remember backs in the mid 1990s taking my Defy 7 to Brooks to retube,setup..It cost me over $800 for 12 matched 6550s and pre tubes,and that was a good guy cash under the table deal..Sold it shortly after that and went solid state. Never looked ... 
Revel Studio2, Thiel 3.7 or Wilson Sophia 2
IMO..Never liked the Studio2s,way too sterile..Know nothing about the 3.7 as Thiel never appealed to me in the past so I never went out of my way to listen to them..The Sophia2 is a special speaker and this is coming from a guy who doesnt like the... 
Paint crack Wilson Sophia 2
More common than ya think..Wilson has paint issues that are well documnented 
Dynaudio burn in time and how you do it...
Several 100 hours..put on the cd and let it play.No real secret 
Speaker cables for Dynaudio C1
IMO..Nordost is totally the wrong direction(been there done that)..Way too sterlie with the C1s.They are already very detailed and with Nordost/a good thing gone bad.I suggest Cardas gold series or above for starters...I run MIT with my Confidence... 
B&W N800, 800D, 802D for my room 16x17x8
"Tight deep base is important" and B&W oxymoron,IMO..Flabby/slow/bloated maybe but never tight..Look in another direction 
Focal Mini Utopia vs Merlin MXe
Sstalwar...IMO, the Micro BE would be a better step up and of course the new UtopiaIII if wanting to stay in the Focal family.If it were my money I would addition the Dynaudio C1.At 4 grand on the used market there is no way you can compare the mi... 
McIntosh MC 275 Mk IV or V with Harbeth M-40.1?
Pdreher..I understand that retro thing as at one time I collected vintage Mac tube amps and ran JBL/Tannoy/Altec for years.Much to my surprise I found what was really missing when I drop coin on a pair of Avalons over 10 years ago.Detail,energy,dy... 
McIntosh MC 275 Mk IV or V with Harbeth M-40.1?
IMO, I would think the Mac with the 40.1s would be too much of a "good thang".Never heard them together ,only in seperate system and wouldnt own either..guess thats what makes this an interesting hobby.. 
Focal Mini Utopia vs Merlin MXe
I owned the Minis for well over a year and never could get them to sound even close to good..Tried Pass labs 150.5/McIntosh 402 as well as numerous tube amps including AR/Cary/Wavac( paired up with a couple different subs) Loaned them to a buddy a...