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Recommendations on a digital system
OP mentioned (x2) of having a Sirius lifetime membership. My take is that he’s pretty serious about Sirius.If such is the case why not the Denon DNP-800NE at $600? From the literature, he would be able to stream Sirius using Denon’s HEOS app from ... 
Canare 4S11
Good information from Jeffrey.Stereo - maybe I missed it, but did you go through Blue Jeans for the 4S11? 
Canare 4S11
I actually just put these Canare’s back into my system due to the previous cables sounding a little too thin and a bit bright for my lively room. They may not have the extended top end, but that’s actually what I’m trying to get away from. Full an... 
What is the name of your system?
Nice to see the younger generation in the hobby......
Robelvick - Car audio is definitely a good inlet to more serious home audio. Spent many accumulated hours with the car running in the driveway just to finish a song in newly (but poorly) installed Boston Acoustic speakers. The prices drive many aw... 
Nice to see the younger generation in the hobby......
I’d be curious to know how many people on Audiogon are under 40. I’m 38 - right between Generation X and the Millennial generation. Portability (Walkman, discman, iPods) and now accessibility (Spotify to Tidal) have been the inlet for many near my... 
Suggestions for higher efficiency speakers
Decware Zen and Omega Super 3 XRS will put you right around 2k. Synergy is reportedly pretty good per the Omega thread on Audio Circle. I was leaning toward this direction before taking up a small PP instead of a SET. 
Aural Harmony - Any Experiences
Monte - it definitely helps. Greatly appreciate your response! 
Kingko KA-101 Integrated Tube Amplifier
t_ramey, ditto. Big Ear is about 15 minutes away from me as well. I had some time off this week and was going to check them out but life and prepping for the holiday got in the way. Over the past week or so I’ve been speaking to Tom who seems plea... 
Kingko KA-101 Integrated Tube Amplifier
Update people who are interested, this integrated tube now has a US dealer out of Arizona: bigearstereo.comSweet amp that should definitely receive more attention.  
Denon DNP-800NE Reviews?
@ bryhifi, I went with the Node 2i and paired it with a MHDT (16 bit input) Paradisea + since the majority of the strange music I listened to on Tidal wasn’t utilizing MQA. With this said, I’m still curious about this Denon alternative. Love to se... 
If I recall, AVT was priced higher than the EXP, which are both obviously discontinued. I actually still use the AVT 3 line throughout my entire system. 
Denon DNP-800NE Reviews?
Grunefeld - the HEOS is a pretty nice convenience. I’ve been using it through a Marantz pre for the past year. I was thinking of utilizing this player for a two-channel system in the office. Appreciate the comment and time, sir! 
Any experience with Monoprice Monolith Amplifiers?
Somewhat old question, but I'm currently running a 6 ohm Sunfire ribbon 5.2 (CRS3s, CRS3C, CRM2s) with Marantz AV7703. I've been pretty impressed with the stability and dynamics at higher volume levels. At the price point for essentially an ATI am... 
Best audio purchase of 2011
Best purchase for me was the Squeezebox Touch. It's exposed to new music and expanded my listening sessions, which is putting good use to my modest rig.