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Is Rap a valid musical form?
@czarivey you made my day then. Gang Starr was Guru and DJ Premier. Agree that Guru’s Jazzmatazz albums were solid throughout.   
Is Rap a valid musical form?
All Arts Matter RIP Guru @czarivey are you referencing Guru from Gang Starr??? If yes, this would be next level on Audiogon my friend.  
I have perfected my network for the nth time
I also find it very interesting that people think they can control for things they have no understanding of, like bias control, one of the hardest things to control for and physiologists are involved in real trials to design the control protocol ... 
Optical Conversion Not Working, Please Help
Someone with more knowledge will hopefully provide a suggestion in regards to the FMCs. Ironically, I did a deep dive on optical last night. I found threads from WhatsBestForum (here, here, and here) pretty helpful, as well as some from Audiophile... 
Optical Conversion Not Working, Please Help
Are the Finisar SFPs compatible with the 10Gtek FMCs? Looks like 10Gtek is Cisco compatible. Finisar isn't compatible with Cisco, though, so that may be the issue. I don't think 10Gtek is compatible with both Cisco and Finisar.     
NAD C658 With Tube Power Amp?
I have the C658 matched with a tube amp. Maybe the first six months I would say it sounded a little too clinical for my liking. Nowadays, I would say it leans very slightly warm, but definitely not tube-like. DIRAC full license is a game changer t... 
Being alone with your music
There's this stigma of isolation and "anti-social" associated with this hobby that I think may be a little superficial at surface level - think the one chair in a listening room and some of the judgment statements that are made. For some of us, th... 
Streamer Selection - Thoughts Requested Please!
I had a friend who auditioned speakers for a year with me for a year.  I finally settled for Paradigm Prestige speakers.  I didn’t know at the time they were 2 1/2 way.  Four weeks later this friend attacked an article from Stereophile Magazine e... 
dacs that I have had in my system - a listing
@yyzsantabarbara I agree with creativepart and oddiofyl, that would be really unwise of you if you were to take out a 401k loan ;)  
Audio people you've had contact with that proved to be good people.
@stuartk +1 Rob Fritz seems genuinely nice. I’d probably purchase more of his cables - even if they didn’t sound nice (they sound great btw), simply out of principle of him seeming to be a solid guy.  
Ethernet connection for best sound quality
@joes44 out of curiosity have you selected a streamer and DAC yet? Or still in the research phase of making a selection?  
Anybody find themselves revisiting old threads?
@jolywins I don’t think there is an “archived” threads section within the forum. When I’m looking for older threads on a certain topic I usually use the search function and the “sort by date” and “sort by title only” functions.   
dacs that I have had in my system - a listing
Wow, this has been an incredibly informative thread.   I also used a Sonore OpticalRendu for streaming to USB via fibre. The 2 best DACs I have had are the Yggi+ Less is More and the modded GAN1. The Lumin X1 is also up there but I liked the Y... 
Streamer upgrade - best path forward
OP, thank you for all of the input and keeping us informed - please keep on doing so, especially in regards to the external clock and D/D convertor for running I2S into the R26. From what it looks like, this is how you have everything set up with ... 
Anyone buy one yet? Thoughts?
@curiousjim my mistake over here - definitely didn't realize that. Regardless, thanks for correcting on this thread.