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Recommend Classical Piano LP's
Tamas Vasary's Chopin on DG.. Excellent performance to go with nice recording... 
Pacific Valve Dac 60...Tubes?
Try the JAN Philips NOS. Nice sound for cheap... 
Which of Mozart's No.39 & 41 CD should I get?
Performance wise, I don't think you would be disappointed with Josef Krip's. But it the recording might sound a bit outdated. 
Reference Level Recording of Classical on CD's?
Hey guys, thanks for the suggestions... My usual listening habbit include mostly Baroque and Classical orchestral and solo piano stuff (Bach, Mozart and Beethoven). But although recently, I have been listening to more and more chamber and romantic... 
Apple vs PC for Music System
I meant elimanate... 
Apple vs PC for Music System
I can transfer a 1 gig file cross my wireless network bit perfect in a minute, surely they can use the same technology to etoufulimnate jitter? 
Apple vs PC for Music System
What I don't understand is, how can there be so much jitter? I have a HTPC and I can watch 1080P files using a 10$ HDMI cable and it comes out crystal clear... No artifacts anywhere. Now that requires MUCH more bandwidth than CD's 48k/s... Digital... 
How do you explain slow/lazy sound?
I asked that question because I set up a second turntable just for fun... My main rig is a Musichall 5.1 with Goldring 1042. I bought a Pioneer PL-12D on Ebay and installed a Shure MX97SE just for fun... And the Pioneer didn't sound bad, but the o... 
Reference Level Recording of Classical on CD's?
I would like to add, that I am looking for good recording quality as well as performance. Thanks! 
Quality DAC with volume control - suggestions
I just bought a Monarchy NM24 DAC today, sounds beautiful. Comes with solid state dac, tube dac and a preamp all in one. $1080 direct from Mr. Poon at Monarchy. 
Upgradability of an MMF-5
I changed the stock stylus (1012) to the 1042 stylus and the difference was huge, more weighty sound, bigger sound stage, less surface noise... 
Noisier Outer Edges?
Thanks for the help, I will try the suggestions... Glad I am not the only one who noticed or having this problem. 
Greatest Rock Guitar Riffs
Pink Floyd - Time 
BEST tubes Pro-ject tube box SE II sumiko 12ax7
I have tube box SE II as well, and I replaced the stock ones with Mullard reissues, but I couldn't hear any difference with the stock tubes. Any tubes you recommand that runs under 100$ a pair? BTW, were you able to remove the dampers? 
an amp without "electronic" sound
Is it possible to go tubes but also having clean sound? I just got a 845 tube amp, sounds warm, but it's very muddy...