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Time for a Pre change? Need the wisdom...
Duelund speaker wire is very good and affordable. For a 10 foot pair either 16 gauge ($120) or 12 gauge ($240) from Parts Conexion. Look up user grannyring or Acoustic BBQ if you want a premade pair. It probably won't hang with a $$$$ set of wires... 
Tekton Double Impacts
Here's the review  
Tube Preamp
I have a Linear Tube Audio MZ2 paired with a Halo A21 and am very happy with the result. Lots of great reviews and comments here on Agon. The Aric Audio pre's have also been highly praised, but I have not heard them. 
Tekton Double Impacts
@jcarcopo,Yes, I posted pics from the Tekton FB page. They weren't my DIs but I was posting the paint color I had ordered. Enjoy. Looking forward to your impression of the mini ulfs. 
Tekton Double Impacts
@jcarcopo My DIs are painted in Spanish Tile and they look fantastic. It's a warm reddish brown. 
Lumin D2
I have the same problem with my Cambridge 851N network player. The Cambridge Tidal app is not very good so looking for an alternative. I installed Kazoo on my Note 8 and it sees my 851N but when selected just says "Looking for room". So I installe... 
Cambridge Audio Azur 851N
@markv,I don’t listen to internet radio much. I just tested it out and I see a couple presets from my local area were still present and working. However, it was a mess when I tried to browse for stations. First, there is a list of countries to bro... 
Cambridge Audio Azur 851N
@markv, This is what I noticed about streaming Tidal via the 851N vs the HEOS Link.  I found the 851N to be more detailed and open.  A little better imaging, but my room is challenged for imaging anyway.  It seemed a bit brighter, but that's proba... 
Cambridge Audio Azur 851N
Today my 851N and the Cambridge app updated to Tidal ready. Won't have a chance to listen until the weekend. Looking forward to it. I have high hopes . Should sound better than streaming Tidal through my HEOS Link. 
speaker cable prices
Another vote for Duelund 16 gage. $10/m or $120 for a 10 foot pair. No need to terminate.  I have been very pleased with mine. There is a thread on Agon about it. 
Tekton Double Impacts
Joe, Tekton demos with Parasound.  At the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest I believe the DIs were demoed with JC1s. I'm using a Halo A21 and am happy.  
Duelund DCA16GA
I've been thinking of combining two sets of DCA16GA for a 10GA run. Has anyone done this? If so, what was the result. I'm using a single run of DCA16GA now. My speakers only have one pair of posts, so I won't be biwiring.  
Sister's wants music system without the hassles!
I agree, an integrated is the way to go. The Parasound Halo integrated would include a DAC and phono and can easily drive the Red Rose R3. Just add a $35 chromecast streamer and she's good to go. You can find one used for about $1700 and new for $... 
Tekton Double Impacts
I pulled out the lower mid bass driver and there was no resister. For anyone's reference, mine are SN 423/424 and were built on October 21/22, 2017. 
Tekton Double Impacts
I ordered my DIs on October 20 and they are serial numbers 423 and 424. I looked through the back but don't see anything except part of the woofers. How would one know? It would probably be helpful to more if it could be tied to a SN.