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Music Reference RM9 - user comments please
I love my rm9 with winged c tubes awesome!! 
Tube AMP or SS
I would go with Music Reference RM-9 
Used full-range speakers less than $1,500
Eminent Technology 8,although requires a lot of power to drive. 
Entry level tube amps?
I agree with Joelv,Music Reference RM-9 is a world class amp the best for the money and very reliable. 
New DAc for old CDP?
I have a Cal Sigma 2 dac that much improved my Cambridge 540c cdp. 
When do you know when your tubes are going bad
Find a tube tester and test them. 
tube amp advice
Music Rereference RM-9 Mk 1 or 2. 
Best tube amp $2000-2500?
I agree with Potsey,I have the RM-9 mk I it is hard to beat for the money and very reliable. 
Thinking of upgrading Cambridge 540c
Is there one you recommend? I could kick myself there was a kora hermes available not to long ago.I was looking at Northstar? 
Music Reference RM9 and Preamp Experiences
I use the Music Reference RM-5 mK 3 with good results.I don't use the phono stage,so can't comment on that.The line stage is very good,have not heard many other preamps with this amp so can't comment.I am very happy with this one. 
really inexpensive power cords
I would put Virtual Dynamics on your list.I am using power 3 and love it. 
Tube amp for "difficult" speakers,,,
If you can find Music Reference Rm 9 Mk 1 or 2,it would give you plenty of power and very good sounding. 
Power cord for Rotel RCD-1072 CDP
I would go with Virtual Dynamics Power 3. 
good power cord under $200
I have the vd power 3 and like it a lot.I have not compared it to the others,but I have copared it to zu cable birth and it is much better. 
Music Reference RM9 - user comments please
I changed the driver tubes to 6n23p and I love them.Troy