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How much space between cables is enough?
@millercarbon from tuberculinYou are a troll. 
How much space between cables is enough?
The EVAs are similar to AV Room Service's EVPs. know these work. Also recommended by Jim Smith (Get Better Sound). 
How much space between cables is enough?
@millercarbon telling us how great his system is again. He is a broken record. Oh! and look at the photos. He's so proud, he wants everybody to know how cool he is. 
Rel vs the world
I have two RELs and I like them very much. I tried a few other brands and none came across as integrated and smooth sounding as the RELs. I can't even tell they are in the room until I listen with them turned off. 
to my friends of AudiogoN,
The conutry continues to go to war and continues to reduce Veterans benefits. It is very saddening. 
Speakers suggestion help
@millercarbonĀ  does not have a horizon to broaden. 
Length of speaker cables
Morrow is the best I've seen. Very good prices, usually there is a sale, or a 40% discount if you upgrade from any cable. They have a very long break-in period so be prepared. 
Yeah, beside tinnitus you are doing irreparable damage to your ears if you listen for very long at 90 dB. The "normal" listening level is 78 dB. I like it loud too, but I keep it below 85 dB. You may want to re-evaluate your listening and system r... 
Does the first reflection point actually matter??
Erik, I use GIK panels as well. I have a small room in which I listen near field. The panels are essential, but I moved the two on the sides about 1-2 feet toward the back leaving the first reflection point exposed. What a difference. The front an... 
Chuck Miller will tell you what to buy but he never gives a good or technical reason. He pushes his favorites without regard to anyone elseā€™s budget, hearing, room layout or other technical factors. But he knows all about nothing. 
Poor value vs snake oil...
You knew the troll @millercarbon would jump on and say nothing, but he keeps his post count up. 
Game Changing Tweak
@bartholomew My Shunyata power distribution uses a similar device. There's sells for about $225 now, I paid $100. It's a simple setup with a Venom HC cables to a PS8 power strip. One of the outlets has the Defender Power Conditioning Module. The m... 
No "Room Correction" Topic option. Why?
#millercarbon knows everything. He loves to show off a system he claims is his. 
Game Changing Tweak
Ah, there's Chuck Miller showing off what he claims is his system. It changed from two weeks ago when I saw it. He must have got some better photos to Photoshop. What happened to the picture of the ruler?He's a troll. 
Game Changing Tweak
@bemused I wish McDonalds would do that for the special sauce on Big Macs.