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Recommend Affordable Integrated Amps (Solid State or Tube)
Caphill suggested the Hegel H160.see above 
Speaker Recommendation: 20K range
The classic combo; Mcintosh & B&WThere is a magic synergy with that combo.As others have mentioned, the laid back nature of the mac with the highly resolving diamond tweeters is a great combination, and your upgrade path in electronics cou... 
Vote for the Best Preamp: Audion, Jadis, ARC or CJ
Tweak1- what did you mean (14 years ago by CD 101), and is your answer even more relevant now? 
Jadis Preamps JPS8, JPS2 and JP80
Resurrecting this thread, and thanks for your answer rcprince.My system (at the moment) is a Levinson 519 file player/DAC driving Mcintosh MC601 mono into B&W 802D3.it sounds quite good, but I also own a Jadis JPS2, actually the fully balanced... 
GTA SE-40 Service Manual now available
I have two of those- inherited from a friend and not used in some time.bith sound great but eventually a tube on each glows a little bright for my comfort level. Do they likely need service or just re bias? Can anyone help? Thanks 
Review: Golden Tube SI-50 mkII Tube amp
Hello, I'm looking for a schematic / diagram for this amp, anyone?I'd have much appreciation if it's possible! 
Modifying a Pioneer Elite PD-65......
Anyone listened to (or currently using) a PD-75? 
jolida 502b manual bias adjustment
Can anyone tell me where to find a manual- also there are four small tubes - do the 12ax7 or the 12at7 go on the inside or the outside tube sockets? 
replacement rectifier -- currently 5Z4P is 5AR4 OK
I have a dared sl-2000a preamp., it comes with the stock 5z4p.¬†It blows fuse immediately, and seems to spark inside rectifier tube.i don't have another 5z4p.i have other tubes around (5u4GB, 5AR4, etc)is it ok to put the 5AR4 and a new fuse in and... 
Bowers and Wilkerson B&W 802 D3: an impolite Brit?
Anyone compare older 800d2 to newer current 802D3? 
Best preamplifier, amplifier for B&W 800 Diamond
Anyone have an opinion of the newest D3 models still need high power the way the former models did?Specifically, I'm looking for amp recommendations for 802D3.Has anyone used pass x350.8 or Levinson 532, 534, 536, or Ayre MXR20? 
HELP B&W 802D or Revel Ultima Salon2
Reviving an old thread, amazingly, all these ears later the ultima2 line is still current; it's spanned the end of the B&W "D1" (simply known as D) , the 2011-2016 B&W "D2" (simply known as Diamond), and now the 2016-present "D3".So the Ge... 
Older PURE CLASS-A Amplifiers
Anyone compare all these vintage amps to the PASS .5 and now .8 series.Are the newest .8 pass amps truly in a whole different league than the older amps mentioned? 
Jadis Preamps JPS8, JPS2 and JP80
Loki1957 mentions the two volume controls are tied together (ganged).Does anybody know (as I've seen some preamps) with this feature and some products without.Is this is something they did a newer production models or older models or ¬†models for a... 
Best preamplifier, amplifier for B&W 800 Diamond
Bring this forward to modern times, as a former 800 D2 diamond owner, any advice on the D3 line (802 or the recently released 800)? Rumour has it that the new D3 line "one ups" the outgoing D2 line - I.E. the new 803D3 compares to the 802D2, and t...