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Amplification to B&W 800 Diamond
I have 800 diamonds (d2), any thoughts on mc1000 mono blocks?To be used w oppo 105 and arc ref5se. 
Best preamplifier, amplifier for B&W 800 Diamond
Anyone try Mcintosh mc1000 mono's? 
New KT150 tubes?
It's been a while - any updates on arc kt150 acceptance and release dates of G series? 
How much better is Esoteric K-03 vs K-05?
Anyone who can make a comparison of the k-05 versus the x-03SE? 
Genelex Gold Lion KT-88 reissued tubes
Time has passed, any somewhat new information regarding these types of tubes and what's available now? 
Any bad experience with wilson audio sasha w/p?
Looks like the trading price of Sasha has been pushed down to 15k and dropping fast? 
Focal Scala or Diablos with subs?
Anyone have any idea how the newer viva utopia may compare to scala at a very similar price point accounting for stands? Viva a contender if 2 channel is the main usage? They Are marketed as multichannel LCR products. 
Reference DACS: An overall perspective
Any ideas from anyone on the sound quality of the oppo bdp-105 if used as a standalone Dac. Does its sound quality as a DAC alone merit it's $1200 price point? 
Wilson Sophia 3
I was wondering if anyone has heard, and can compare and contrast Sophia 3 versus vandersteen 5a, or 5a carbon? 
Vandersteen 2wq x-over help
Does anyone use the wx2 as a permanent solution? 
Vandersteen X-2 crossover???
Anyone else have any thoughts about this no filter setup ? 
Review: Audio Aero Prestige SACD Player reference CD Player
How does it hold up now versus what you can buy new or used for 3500 which is about what AA prestige SE will bring now? 
Quad 21L vs. 22L2 Sonic differences?
What is the history an evolution of these 21L and 22L.I believe they came out in around 2003/2004?We're they updated and or discontinued?I see references to the 22L2, I that a newer version of the 22L?Is or was there a 21L2? 
Esoteric SA-50 SACD player, Is it for me?
Hi, I'd love to chat with you about lev 39 and how it compares to stuff from this century (lol) can you buzz me at axysguru at yahoo? 
Sonic differences between Mac Mini 2009 and 2010?
I just got a mac mini 2010, and havent set it up yet. How important is the power supply like Bolder Cable Linear Power supply ?