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In Memoriam: Bobby Palkovich of Merlin Music
His speakers provided me with thousands of hours of listening pleasure. His work will live on. Deepest condolences to family and loved ones. RIP, Bobby. 
Fuses that matter.
The following is my experience replacing the standard fuses in my integrated amplifier with Hifi Supreme Tuning Fuses. The amp is an ARS-Sonum Filarmonia. It has maximum output power of 30 watts RMS per channel at 8 ohms. Its output stage uses a p... 
Fuses that matter.
Hifi Supreme Tuning Fuse replacing main power fuse in integrated ARS Sonum-Filarmonia 30 watt E34L tube amp. Improved separation, more realistic all 'round. Not dramatic, but noticeable. 
Mapleshade boards under speakers
Hard to explain, but true: I have Merlin Master VSM's. For two years they have been spiked to the concrete floor under wall-to-wall medium pile carpeting. I've always felt that there was some undesirable deadening of the low-to-mid bass going on. ... 
Seeking DAC $300
For $750 for the non-USB version, I purchased the Schiit Gungnir. Everyone who hears it is blown away. I have a very high resolution system: latest Merlin VSM speakers and ARS-Sonum amp. What I have now with the Gungnir is, without a doubt, the be... 
Anyone in New York with Grand Veenas?
Yup, there are still old bigots who laugh at the "N" word. Just takes time for them to die off. 
Latest Merlin Super BAM upgrade
Yup, that's the next step step. Saving up for Cardas Clear speaker cable. I promise you will be the first to get my report from the surface of the moon : ) 
Best DAC for MacMini Under $1000
Schiit Gungnir. Buy it, listen in your home for 15 days, if you don't like it, you pay 5% restocking charge. $750 without USB, $850 with. I just bought one and think it's a great value. 
Latest Merlin Super BAM upgrade
Testpilot: Not to get into a pissing contest, or anything, but I don't care if you find my comments "credible" or not. I don't expect anyone to take my word for anything. I assume that anyone reading what I write about my subjective experience und... 
Latest Merlin Super BAM upgrade
Agreed. Got mine on Friday. Has had the weekend to settle in. Wow! Just. . .wow! 
Review: Merlin Music Systems Master VSM Speaker
Follow-up:The latest upgrade involves a rewiring of the BAM with Cardas Clear wire. Merlin has hit another home run, IMO.Here is what's even better:- An even more natural presentation as far as sound-staging and spacial accuracy.- More tuneful bas... 
In what price range do I need to go for a Dac ?
Never heard the Bifrost, but I'm currently auditioning their Gungnir. It's extremely impressive. And at $750 (without USB, $850 with), it's a stunning value.(Merlin Master VSM's and ARS-Sonum Filarmonia / Mac Mini and Audirvana Plus software) 
Budget of $30K. Help me build a system
I have Merlin Master VSM's with Master BAM and ARS-Sonum Filarmonia and Cardas cabling.All I can say is that, set up properly, you will have a world class system that will bring you many, many hours of enjoyment. I am currently waiting on the very... 
Best Upgradeable DAC ?
Listening to the Schiit Gungnir as I write. Have had it for 24 hours now. It's very impressive. I'd give it a listen. 
Speaker cable frustration for Merlin vsm mme
Audience AU12e. I used these with VSM's for several years. They were recommended by Merlin manufacturer and I thought they were very musical, although not as revealing as Cardas.