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Which Vintage CD Player To Use As A Transport?
Not a good idea because the dac outputs on old CD players leave a lot to be sonically desired and/or your replacement dac won't have the old outputs  
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report
I watched the movie Yesterday, interesting plot, so I dug out Beatles # Ones. Ouch, very digital  
Best investment; cartridge or line stage?
Mad Scientist Contact Enhancer can work wonders when all connections are treated. Cartridge is the likely better upgrade. Be sure to treat the ends HTH  
New speakers unveiled from Clayton Shaw - Caladan
@vthokie83  Great report. I prefer OB to box speakers, especially when boxes are < 10K. If possible bring speakers out another foot. either way listen to a well known song from your seat, then stand up and walk toward the speakers. If the soun... 
A good cd transport for my Chord HugoTT2 DAC with Chord M-Scaler
I am quite happy with my CDT 6000, especially with upgraded iso devices, PC and coax cable, BUT, am budgeting for the new Shanlings              
Annoying newbie CD/SACD player question
I have ~ 50 SACDs with hybrid DSD layer. My CDT 6000 plays them well enough, BUT, Shanling just introduced an SACD transport for <$1400 that I am now budgeting for  
Preamp for a GaN-FET amp...
My GaN amp is a LSA Voyager GaN 350. My preamp of ~ 3 years is an Audio Alchemy DDP-1(pre/dac!) + PS 5 outboard power supply. Excellent match. I saw one for sale on US Audio for $1250, which IMO is a bargain, especially since the it and the amp ha... 
Looking for recommendations for integrated with a more “organic” sound.
@doyle3433  Ive been in the hobby for 6+ decades. Done my share of tube and class A/AB. I moved to class D over 10 years ago with W4S, PS Audio, and of late a EVS 1200 by Ric Schutz, based on dual IcePower AS 1200 modules and lots of his special ... 
Looking for recommendations for integrated with a more “organic” sound.
Scrolled through most of the comments, Im surprised no one mentioned the Technics SU G 700 MkII  
Trade black KEF KC62s for white
It might be a lot cheaper to just get them wrapped locally  
Hattor Audio preamps?
@bornagainaudio He offers input buffers as an option. Worth considering  
Transport Recommendations
@tyray  As a content CDT 6000 owner. Please update or start your own discussion to tell us about it  
My Four Favorite SS Amps
@erik_squires  I had connections back in the day and bought Harry Pearson's Gen Vs, that had 'upgrades'  
Class D, "Control (Variable Gain)," Amplifier versus Class A/B Separates?
Good for you. The GCC is still hard to beat. FYI it does respond to better power cords and iso devices  
My Four Favorite SS Amps
I still fondly remember my KBA 75 (class A). Of the many amps I tried (both SS and tube) with Genesis Vs, it was the only one to grab hold of them and make them perform as advertised FF3+ decades, I love my Ric Schultz EVS 1200 based on IcePower ...