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Ohm Speakers Status Update
I've owned my Walsh 4's since 1986; rebuilt twice by JS in 1998 & 2021. Still my benchmark speaker bar none. Delighted that OHM is still around and able to sell and service these wonderful speakers. I wish you well Evan.    
Example of a piece o’ crap, useless review
But nobody else has your ears   +1    
Example of a piece o’ crap, useless review
The problem in this hobby is that there is no baseline. If every reviewer would start with the same speakers, amp, etc then a comparison would be meaningful. Since every reviewer has a different setup and all of us have different setups the vari... 
Upgrade Nakamichi PA 7All power amp with mono blocks
I have the NAK PA-7A MKII with the CA-7A pre.  Both fully refurbished 2 years ago also.   Fact is it's a tough combination to beat no matter what your budget is.  
Parasound Halo JC 1+
I think a lot has to do with how demanding your speakers are; can they use the extra power? I read the Stereophile review of the JC1+, what struck me the most was the price jump of the new amps vs. the old. BTW: in the 2003 review of your JC1 by... 
Static, left channel from B&K EX-4420
Definitely worth repairing. they were built between 1993-1998, so they're 25+ years old; may require some maintenance.    
Still looking for a new Moving Coil Cartridge
@stereo5  until it got ruined by a curious little boy.   Back in the late 80's another curious 6 year old boy trashed my Micro Seiki LC-80w MC cart.   His Mom said at the time "I'm not surprised he wanted to play with it..... he has one just l... 
Linn Ittok vs. Rega RB-300
@mbendig4986  Obviously, in discussing the above, we find ourselves sailing perilously close to the boundary of another, somewhat thornier issue, which is whether different is necessarily better. But that is another story! Anyone else care to co... 
Nakamichi CA-7A Preamp
 I shut off the use of my Western Electric 300 B tubes on my SET amp, for ballgames. ( trying to save tube life… I wish I knew at my age of 70, how many years of life they had, using them 4-6 hours at night only… any idea?) yeah the making of th... 
Nakamichi CA-7A Preamp
@moose89  The CA-7A has two torrodial transformers, so one would think that they're for left and right channels respectively.  They're not. One transformer is for line inputs and the other for phono; each transformer has separate windings for lef... 
John Strohbeen from Ohm Acoustics passed away
I've been chatting with John since 1986 when I bought my Walsh 4's. I admired his ability to give a straight answer to any question regarding his speakers.   Needless to say I admired him and his speakers.   He built my speakers in 1984; there ... 
Nakamichi CA-7A Preamp
I have a NAK PA-7A MKII amp and a CA-7A pre. They are a phenomenal combo. The phono section in the pre is in a league of it’s own. I use an AT33PTG/II cart and it’s hard to describe how utterly clean the sound is. The one weakness the pre has is ... 
The new Linn LP12 50th Anniversary edition
$60k for an LP12? Well that’s fine by me, I’m just curious as to how long it will take Ivor to offer expensive ’upgrades’ to this TT. BTW: My 39 year old Heybrook TT2 has metal hinges.    
Another "Best" amplifier Question.
@llg98ljk  Since you mentioned that class D may be in your future; and keeping in mind your budget then I would consider a  Buckeye 2 channel Purifi amp for around $1K BTW: I'm 75 also https://www.buckeyeamp.com/shop/p/purifi-1et400a-amplifier-... 
Thoughts on the Linn LP12 turntable
I've never owned an LP12 and I don't aspire to ever own one. Why?  I've had an aluminum sub-chassis Heybrook TT2 for the past 25 years.