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Audio Research equipment for sale.
I have no experience with AR equipment but I can tell you my PS Audio BHK 250 amp and BHK Signature Preamp sound amazing to my ears.  
Hidden Gems in Classic Rock Albums
Storyville-A Piece of Your Soul is really good to my ears, Don't Make Me Cry, Cynical, Share That Smile are standouts even thought the entire album is great.  
New amps
@whataboutbob1 that is just too funny, I almost spit my coffee all over my screen when I read your reply, then I thought how true that is. I also moved my speakers to someone else’s house when I bought a new amp, now I have a totally new system-wi... 
@rumblestrip I wish I could, I would love to go listen but that is just about impossible right now and probably any time in the future for a while.  What the heck, I can't afford the price of admission any time soon anyway.  Oh well, maybe some day.  
I hate to hear of the disappointment over these speakers, of course the only thing I have heard about them up to now has been Paul and others at PS Audio.  I seriously considered getting the FR30 to replace my Focal Sopra 2's but now I don't think... 
The best speaker cables you’ve had
So far it has to be Kimber Carbon 18XL that I own now.  
Stereo or monoblocks
I would love to have a set of mono blocks if I had the room and the means to purchase.  I have an all PS Audio system with a BHK250 driving a set of Focal Sopra's so I would love to plop a set of BHK600's or maybe the 300's down near them but the ... 
DAC Compatible with PS Audio SACD Transport
For what it is worth, I just upgraded my MK1 DAC for the MK2.  PS Audio gave me what I paid for the MK1 so I could not resist.  The sound quality of the MK2 is hard to believe.  If you make the leap I don't think you will be sorry, this thing is t... 
Under my tower speakers -- Isoacoustics Gaia, other options?
I have the Gaia 1's under my Focal Sopra II's, they made a huge difference and improved the sound tremendously which surprised me because the Sopra's sounds so good to start with.