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Not manufactured any more.
Earlier Fuselier Model 9  
Not manufactured any more.
Fuselier 3.8D  
Best light weight full range speaker recommendation.
Graham Audio Chartwell LS6. Eminently musical stand mount loudspeaker. A speaker you may want to marry, as Steve Guttenberg noted. Add a pair of SVS Micro 3000 subs and take a break from the speaker merry-go-round.  
Does Time alignment and Phase coherency make for a better loudspeaker?
Ever heard any of John Fuselier’s loudspeakers from "back in the 80’s"? Time and phase aligned, with excellent coherency and pulse response. Soundstaging and imaging were exceptional. Spectral balance varied between different iterations/models, bu... 
Have you moved away from full range to standmount speakers + subs?
Graham Audio LS 6 + a pair of SVS 3000 Micro subs. Sweeeeet! 
Joseph Audio Pulsar – Original vs. Graphene opinions?
JA loudspeakers are not bright, just clear sounding, i.e., transparent to the source. There is a difference. 
Solid state amp to go with tube preamp; used ok; budget: $3k max
Also recommend Parasound 
Would Appreciate Advice Before I Buy
Suggest the following along with a pair of speakers that keeps you within budget -Rogue Audio Sphinx V3 - $1695Mofi Studiodeck Foundation - $1099 
Recommendation for a highly resolving amp
Listen to the Bel Canto E1x 
Integrated amp recommendation for Focal 1038
Naim Uniti Atom? 
DAC That Punches Above Its Price Point
Schiit Modi 3+ for around $100 can't be beat. 
Songs Faber Olympica I vs Dynaudio Contour 20 - My Review
I know this is an old thread but I wanted to comment in case anyone else comes across it. I kind of agree with the comments that the Contour 20 can be a bit too neutral, but that all changed for me with the addition of a pair of SVS subs. Simply p... 
If I could afford, I’d purchase 100% Oswald Mills Audio gear
Thanks to chakster for a relevant post. 
Stock Voyager GaN amp (350/600) Contrasted with my EVS1200 (600/1200)
This entire thread makes me wonder. 
CD Player Recommendations…
The venerable Yamaha CD-S1000 is a well built and good sounding CD/SACD player. Not the most immediate sounding player but it’s presentation will always serve the music. Think sum of the parts rather than individual parts.