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Power Cord for Accuphase Amplifier
Hi , I’m selling my Luna Mauve 1.5 AC power cord # 650109021  on Canuck. Message me if interested.  
Youtube audiophile hi res sounds MUCH better than my Eversolo streamer
I would recommend using Audirvāna with Tidal, it will give you a noticeable better sound quality.  
Should Amps be plugged into a power conditioner?
Hi to all,  I had the same concern about plugging amps into the wall. I decided to write to Andy at Synergistic Research and this was my response. Almost all power conditioners limit current, which is why you hear recommendations to plug the ... 
Choosing a new turntable
Thank you for your recommendations, I will keep that in mind , good day!  
Choosing a new turntable
As far as Vintage, I will be selling my Roksan Xerxes 1989 with Artemiz tone arm and a black Corus cartridge soon. I loved the TT but it is a delicate TT  for me ,so not too patient in handling best left to someone who’s knowledgeable with vintage... 
Choosing a new turntable
Thanks for all your comments, am leading towards the Wand. A friend of mine has one and he’s very impressed by it. Apparently, price- value you get much more for your money.He has it with the Hana Umami Blue Cartridge. I will listen to it shortly.  
Choosing a new turntable
Thanks for your opinion. The Wand can have 2 arms and I believe it comes with a dust cover as well. Sound Quality is exceptional according to all the reviews. I also like the others too and will research some more before deciding.They all have the... 
roon sound wasn't as good
I tried Roon via Ethernet from computer to my Weiss 501 and wasn’t as natural sounding as to computer to Aqua LinQ to Weiss 501.The Roon was louder, crispier and more digital sounding. The LinQ network streamer was more warmer, natural and realist... 
Volti v Charney v Rethm
Have you considered perhaps the Fleetwood Deville SQ? I’m using them also with Weiss 501 DAC , Shindo amp and pre amp and the synergy is awesome.After many trial and error’s , I’ve come to the conclusion that my ears finally like what they hear.  
Let the best be your guide
Life is too short, I don’t waste my time listening to bad recordings wishing they would sound better. There is a whole world of music out there with Tidal and Qobuz to choose from and discover new talent and genres. I also have many vinyls from th... 
roon sound wasn't as good
I use Tidal with Audirvāna, exceptional sound quality and easy to understand and play.  
Anyone have experience with using de-esser for sibilance in home audio system?
I have been having that same problem for about a year now. IMHO it is your ears.As we age our hearing changes as mine did and now at almost 65 I have no choice but to listen to your music with a background hissing ( tinnitus).Believe me, I did so ... 
Speaker Cables : Moderate priced
I agree with yyzsantabarbara ,if you can find on the net used Audience Frontrow, they truly are impressive cables. They sound warm,detailed and very live ,true to the ears experience.    
Advice needed: It's time for a new DAC
The DAC204 and DAC205 are relatively affordable options to Weiss Engineering’s higher-grade units such as the DAC501 and the HELIOS. They do not have the onboard digital processing capabilities of those units, nor do they include headphone outputs... 
Advice needed: It's time for a new DAC
Some good DACs recommended here,don’t exclude the Weiss 501, amazing DAC. See the Steve Hoff review on You tube.