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Silver Speaker Cables
@lak Out of curiosity, what interconnects did you compare your Lavricables against?  
Triode Wire Labs or NRG Custom The Five for my 300b SET tube amp?
@soix  Out of curiosity, what other interconnects did you compare your Lavricables to? PS. to the OP: I use the TWL Seven Plus with my Gryphon integrated and the Digital American with my DAC. Love them both.   
Niagara 5000 Vs Torus RM20 or PS Audio Power Plant 12
@nyev    I see you ended up with the Torus! Did it help you get that "after midnight" sound quality all day long now? I'm a fellow Diablo 300 owner running Nola KO's and Rythmik subs and a Holo Audio DAC.  Currently running no power filtering ... 
Denafrips Ares ii
Honestly this review and comparison makes me think you heard a damaged Ares or had problems elsewhere in your system.  
Denafrips Ares ii
@j_andrews  Interesting! And would you say that 1. iFi ZS > USB > Iris DDC > SPIDF > Ares DAC sounds noticeably better than 2. iFi ZS > SPIDF > Ares DAC? Since the iFi ZS has both USB and SPIDF outputs, my thinking was to use ... 
Denafrips Ares ii
@j_andrews  Curious if you've tested digital RCA vs. USB going from your iFi Zen Stream to your Denafrips DAC? Which cables did you use? Did you notice any difference?    
Best pre-amp in an integrated
The reason I ask about the DAC+Power Combo Option rather than integrated+DAC (Rogue Sphinx + Schiit Bifrost) is also because I see things like this on Music Direct:MUSICAL FIDELITY M1PWR PAIR MONOBLOCKS + MUSICAL FIDELITY M1 S DAC for $1200 down f... 
Best pre-amp in an integrated
Anyone heard both the Schiit Bifrost and the Arcam irDAC? Tough call. 
Rogue Owners Unite
@Sunnyjim / Anyone Else RE: Sphinx vs. Cronus Magnum:Anyone heard both and have a minute to describe the key differences in sound? 
Best pre-amp in an integrated
and if I am listening almost exclusively to digital music files, does anyone think that a DAC + power amplifier might be a better option than an integrated?if I'm going to buy a separate DAC anyway, it seems like it might be a logical method... as... 
Best pre-amp in an integrated
Thanks for the responses guys! I realize I didn't give enough practical details. Ideally I would want to spend a total of ~$2k rather than a full $3k on amplifier/DAC needs. The less I spend here, the more I can spend on speakers.Source material: ...