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Why is the industry so lame?
Ckrody: Isn't the Benchmark 1 derived from or in fact a piece of pro gear?My CDP is gone now too... sniff sniff. 
Why is the industry so lame?
T_Bone: You raise good points about the economics. I do think that there is a move towards integration for a lot of consumers. Witness the rise of the integrated amplifier in the past few years. Everybody, including ARC, Krell, CJ, Rowland, VTL an... 
iTunes download formats?
Here is what I do know:Amazon also offers 256K downloads. They are in MP3 format which is supposed to be a little lower quality than Apple's codec but they sound decent to me. They also will play on any machine whereas iTune's won't. Apple has by ... 
Why is the industry so lame?
Hack: You missed my point. I'm not talking about just convenience. Lossless audio has been here for the past 5 years and so have a few products to stream it all over the house. The industry has poo-pooed all digital music as though it was nothing ... 
Why is the industry so lame?
My point is that the mainstream hifi industry and the "Hind End" industry has ignored and ridiculed the digital music explosion to its own detriment. And that it doesn't have a clue. Lossless has been around for the last 5 years. By now shouldn't ... 
Speakers with high WAF?
My wife loves my Totem Hawks in mahogany. I got itchy the other day and casually suggested swapping them out the other day to gauge her reaction and the idea ended there. 
wireless/USB audio to receiver
How is the user interface? That is what makes Sonos so appealing. If it's well thought out these make sense. 
Klipsch speakers sound better than ever
I love my Totem's but if size and decor weren't issues I'd be looking seriously at Klipsch. They're just too big. Have the wall mount Ref series in my HT room and they are great there. 
Small bookshelfs that reach 42 hz
I round it to be gorgeous tonally but it didn't boogie enough. The 6e floated my boat but the wife vetoed them. The smallest footprint floor stander that is really small that I've liked is the Totem Hawk. It's only 6.75" x 9.5." 
Small bookshelfs that reach 42 hz
2nd Update: Heard the 805's tonight and although they do some things very well they are not my cup of tea. They are very smooth, extended and have sufficient bass energy. They drew me into the music. But when it came to the PRaT it was not there. ... 
Small bookshelfs that reach 42 hz
I heard a pair of M22's last night driven by Lexicon electronics. I did not realize they have a tapered cabinet and have a position switch for near wall or free standing placement - a nice touch. The fit and finish were excellent.They had only abo... 
Small bookshelfs that reach 42 hz
Thanks for all of the replies. Based on this thread and some PM's I will be searching for the following: Dynaudio 140's, Revel M22's, Proac 1sc, B&W 805, Totem 1 Signature. Hopefully these can all be found in Chicago. 
Small bookshelfs that reach 42 hz
Thanks for all of the great suggestions. The goal is a solid 42 hz output so bass guitars can be properly rendered but flat to 42 is not necessary. I could add a sub and may end up going that route but would prefer a properly matched and aesthetic... 
Very small bookshelf speakers / system
Gallo micros. And a sweet small sub. It's the way to go. 
How do tube Watts compare to SS Watts?
I had trouble driving CS2's with Quicksilver mono amps that were rated at 60 wpc. The room was about 12 x 20 and I thought I needed tubes to make the Thiel's sound smooth and sweet but when I switched to a smaller high current SS amp they were con...