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Outdoor speakers
I bought Niles 0S10's 17 years ago and they still sound wonderful. I would definitly recommend the current model, not sure of the model number. 
Parents need clear sounding 2 ch HT
Quite simple solution that will cost you around $50.00. TV EARS work and will stop the "what did they say" and your folks will be happy! 
Count Basie "88 Basie Street
A fellow audiogon member turned me on to a wonderful well recorded disc - Count Basie and his Orchestra - Warm Breeze! "Try it You'll Like It". One of my go to discs for serious listening. 
Eric Clapton Clapton
I concur. Well recorded. I really like it...it's laid back and very enjoyable. 
Larry Carlton
I'm sorry to say, and I love Larry Carlton, but Fire Wire was a big disapointment. I gave this cd away after listening to it several times. I can't believe the way people are talking about this loud obnoxious release. I loved "Last Night" and all ... 
Audiogon "SACD's TO DIE FOR" list
I have to say I enjoy The Gene Harris Quartet Title: Listen Here! This SACD was transferred directly fron the original analog tapes into 24-channel DSD where it was mixed for 5.1 surround. I also enjoy it a lot in stereo. A very relaxing recording... 
What power is required to drive Paradigm 100's
I too have upgraded from the 40's to the 80's. I know it's not the 100's, but I bought 4 Studio 80's and the Studio center channel. I am currently running a Yamaha RXV1 and still am not fully satisfied. The RXV1 is rated at 110 watts per channel. ... 
a great blues album
I also agree, that this album is well recorded and one of his best. I would also recommend his live concert BET The Jazz Channel Presents B.B. King. It is like being there Live. He sits down pretty much the whole concert, but it doesn't distract f... 
Best Rock Video - Sound Quality and Content
To Tvad, I have not seen 24 nights, I will give it a spin.Thanks,Willis 
Best Rock Video - Sound Quality and Content
My favorite rock concert is Eric Clapton, "One More Car One More Rider" Live On Tour 2001 Filmed on location, at the Staples Center, Los Angeles, Calif. Excellent sound,(DTS) and picture, especially the camera work, motorized remote controlled. Er... 
Best Concert DVD
James Taylor Live at the Beacon 
I've become a Steely Dan junky . . . . .
How about the Doobie Brothers! Living On The Fault Line