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Zu Audio Soul Supreme Impressions?
My understanding is that they're 90% of a Druid V but easier to place. I have a Druid V and it's really really really good. 
Zu Druid & Definition Roundup
The first pair of speakers I ever fell in love with was the Druid MK IV.I bought an Essence a few years later thinking they would be an upgrade over the Druid IV, but that wasn't the case. I followed that up with the purchase of the Soul Superfly ... 
Zu Druid & Definition Roundup
I hope to be receiving a pair of Druid V by late February. I'll be initially pairing with NCore NC400 amplifiers, a Class D amplifier.I'll let you know how how goes. 
Speaker decision $3000-3500...help
If musical, open, dynamic and a touch of warmth is what you're looking for, I'd take a look at Harbeth and Zu.Actually, there's a Druid MKIV with nanotech drivers upgrade listed right now for $1900 asking. 
Joule-Electra. Is it still in businessd?
Some people just aren't very organized. 
Zu Soul Superfly
One day I will have a pair of Coincident Frankensteins. Morganc brought his pair over once, and I was floored with how good they sounded. Why he sold them, I'll never know.The Franks are in my want to have list, as is the First Watt J2. Both do wh... 
Zu Soul Superfly
I'm actually trying to decide on the Soul Supreme or the Druid MK V.I understand the Druid MK V is better, can create music with more accuracy and more scale. But in rooms which are not large, is perhaps the Soul Supreme pretty darn close?Also won... 
Zu Soul Superfly
Any thoughts on how much of an improvement the Soul Supreme is versus the Superfly? 
How are AVRs for 2-channel music these days?
An integrated versus an AVR, dollar for dollar, the integrated is better.A very good modestly priced integrated right now is the Yamaha A-S1000. I expect it's in a different class than a Pioneer Elite AVR for the same price.I listened to its big b... 
Has anyone tried using a Macbook Air?
Some Mac laptops have a pretty sharp edge. Sandpaper fixes this right up. 
Hypex NCore 1200
I have a pair of NC400 amps. And I have either owned or had for extended audition other amplifiers from Atma-sphere, First Watt, Coincident, LFD. In my opinion, some of the best out tube and solid state amps out there.I think the NC400 is competit... 
Bob Carver LLC has been purchased by Emotiva
I don't know why it matters whether Bob Carver notified dealers or distributors.It is unclear to me why dealers and distributors have a problem with old stock. Did the sale of the business result in a price change? I didn't see any announcement ot... 
NCore vs. Ice -- single or separate cases
Agree. Assuming the sources (and amplifier) have appropriate impedance and voltage numbers, a passive can deliver state the art sound quality at a modest price.Having said that, I think the dollars are adding up and the total price may now be beyo... 
NCore vs. Ice -- single or separate cases
What sources are you using?I think the preamp is going to hold you back. If you only have digital sources, something like the NAD C390DD would be a better overall buy for you.Or if you already have great sources or analog sources, a second hand in... 
NCore vs. Ice -- single or separate cases
You want both power supplies. One of the key aspects of a good amplifier is a robust power supply, and having independent power supplies is a good thing indeed.How does it compare to NAD? Compared to a 325BEE (or whatever designation they're using...