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Spectron Amps: power on all the time? Tube Pre?
I have my Spectron amp on 24x7 and my BAT VK31SE is absolutely dead silence whenever it turns on. It also has the delay start feature and not sure this is the reason there is no pop or any unwanted noise out from the amp. 
BAT VK-60, VK-55 or ????
I tried both and I definitely like the VK60 better. It has all the mid and high, 3D holographic effect with smooth and extended high. Bass wise is acceptable for tube amp. I moved up to the Spectron M3SE Solid State AMP to get better bass without ... 
Tubed Pre match with a Spectron Musician IIISE?
I am using the BAT VK31SE with my Spectron MIIISE with excellent result. In fact, according to Simon in Spectron, they uses BAT preamp for testing. They have very good sound and imped. matching between BAT and Spectron. I am extremely happy with t... 
Spectron MIII MKII after market tweeks ?
I have the Spectron M3SE and have been using the Virtual Dynamics Revelation PC with extremely 3D and airy imaging. I upgraded all the output fuses to Hifi tuning fuses and it takes this amp to another level. I never tried the Elrod Signature PC, ... 
Benchmark DAC 1 - first thoughts
I have been running DAC1 for over 2.5 years 24x7 now. (Yes, it is designed to be on all time not just turn on and listen kind of deal). Stock DAC1 is a bid thinner in mid. I send my DAC1 to Empirical Audio for Turbo and opamp mod to BB OPA627. The... 
Amp for EgglestonWorks Speakers?
Being said that driving the speakers to a good SPL is one thing, being able to drive the speakers to the optium level is another. With my BAT VK60, I thought it was powerful enough to drive the Fontaine II even with a pair of ACI Force Subs runnin... 
Amp for EgglestonWorks Speakers?
Eggleston Fontaine II driven by the Spectron Musician 3SE with beautiful result. Ugrading the 5 fuses to HIFI Tuning Fuses and you will be in heaven ! You know me Rockadanny! 
Spectron Musician 3 First Impressions?
I am using the Egglestons Works Fontaine II - 89db. 
Thiel 3.6, what will drive them best?
You can consider the used Parasound AMP with 200W plus to drive your 3.6. They may pop up on agon from time to time in about $1000 range. 
Spectron Musician 3 First Impressions?
I just got my Musician III SE and wow what can I say right out of the box compared to my BAT VK60 I used before ! I was so concerned about lossing the liquid mid, high and holographic imaging that BAT are well know of. But after I switched to the ... 
ARC VT-100 mk1 or BAT VK-60?
VK60 Hands down ! My VK60 replaced my Bryston 3BST and 2BLP biamped.. Surprisingly, it is better in all frequency with wider and deeper sound stage plus 3D holographic imaging. 
Speaker choice for 50w push-pull tube integrated
The Eggleston Work Fontaine II is very tube frendly. It is very easy to drive and provide silky smooth mid and high. Bass is also good as well. 
BAT or Primaluna
IMHO, BAT is the way to go.. My VK60 has the outstanding tube character like silky smooth top and mid but also carry the solid state like tight and tuneful bass at the bottom. 
Is my VTL IT-85 enough for Eggleston Fontaine's?
I just acquired a pair of Eggleston Works Fontaine II speakers. It match very well with my BAT VK60 60WPC. The bass and HF are both extended with ultrawide sound stage and layered range mid.. This is a very good combination IMHO. 
Battle of the BAT's, VK-60 vs. VK-220
I am running a vk60 amp in replacing my Biamped Bryston 3BST driving my pair of Norh Marble 9 Speakers (87db). Before I hook up the vk60, I was always concerning the bass may shy from the 2x Brystons. However, as soon as I play the 1st track of Je...