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Any good FM tuners around for less than $200?
Yes Lou, the 1010 was size matched to the xx10 series amps, it's a big box with not a whole lot inside. What is in there does sound very good though. :)The Magnum Dynalab FT-11 was a pretty good tuner if I remember, they are around for $200 or a b... 
Jolida JD-9 Mod II
I'm using Ge 5751's these days, and have a couple pairs of RCA Black Plates as well. Both are giving me better sonics than standard AX or AU.There is sound damping material in place, the lid is always off as I like to tube roll on occasion.I'll do... 
Any good FM tuners around for less than $200?
A hard to beat analog tuner under 200..consider a Yamaha CT-1010. Also previously mentioned Yamaha T-1 can offer great value when in good condition.If you can find one the Sanyo Plus T-55 is a stone bargain at around 100.Man, there are a lot to ch... 
Jolida JD9: I think I over-bought. Alternatives?
The JD9 has plenty of gain, no question. I've found 5751's to be the best tubes I've tried thus far in mine. They are a bit lower gain alternative to the AX7....may help your situation a bit ?I only use the low outputs. Using the low output Denon ... 
Bass Suckout in a Square Room - Remedies and Solut
My room is 14 x 14 x 7 high, LOL. I finally tried a diagonal set up and am much happier. The bass improved immediately. It was deeper and well controlled in comparison to the conventional set up. Also much better imaging.Good Luck !Mike 
If you had $12,000 for speakers and amp
Well, might not be quite 12K, but I'd grab a set of Odyssey Stratos Extreme Mono's, and a pair of Harbeth Monitor 40's.I'm drooling just thinkin' about it....(:My reality is not so drool inspiring !Mike 
Harbeth Monitor 30 vs. Dynaudio Special 25
Hi Davt,I was a long time owner of the Harbeth M30's, in my opinion, a truly great loudspeaker. They would suit your musical preferences perfectly, although they could deliver any type of music well in my system.Midrange is the best of any speaker... 
How about mod Music Hall CD25 vs Arcam CD73t
I agree with Jalapenos , I have the Arcam 73 and am very impressed with it so far ( had it for a month ) Thinking of the factory upgrade to the 82, supposed to be a big step up.The 73 is smooth, very detailed, and involving...not a common combinat... 
Good Quality Led Zepplin CD's do they even exist?
How The West Was Won, great sounding rock. You can actually listen LOUD and enjoy it, it's really well done.Mike 
Finish Quality of Von Schweikert VR4jr's
I have the VR2's, and agree that the laquer is easily scratched. I've had to be very careful around the binding posts to avoid marking them, especially if using stiff speaker cables.As far as high current goes, I'm finding that while they sound go... 
Tube for Sonic Frontiers SFL-1
Thanks FP, I'll give them a look...Best,Mike 
Speakers for vocalists
Hi Bryanhod,The best I've heard are Harbeth's, in particular the M30 and M40. Good luck,Mike 
Customs delays from US to Canada
Thanks Byfo, great suggestion....perhaps the delays are mostly occurring with postal traffic, not the couriers...Fatparrot, I get my hockey fixes from some of the excellent local games, don't miss the NHL at all....(:Mike 
help narrowing down my list of speakers, $2500
I'll suggest Von Schweikert VR2's....I am trying a pair in my room at present, also small and square at 14 x 14.I'm enjoying my rock again thru the VR2's, and they are very capable for jazz and classical, if those are your bag at all. They have a ... 
Big Stupid Warm Speakers
The Von Schweikert VR2's would also be worth considering. BIG soundstage, and plenty of refinement to do the jazz thing, but will also deliver up Grand Funk in FINE style !My buddy and I have been talking about just this type of thing for some tim...