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Mini Toslink adapters... degrade sound?
Wireworld has your back. This cable was the one that actually made realize cables make a difference. I use it to connect my imac to desktop DAC.https://store.wireworldcable.com/products/supernova-toslink-optical-audio-cables?variant=950544883 
McIntosh C2700 Right Channel Issue
Agreed. I've had good luck with amperex orange globes in my 2300. 
Rel vs the world
Great, another incoming copy/paste diatribe. 
turn on dac preamp and amp with one button
Is it safe to assume none of your main components have a 12v trigger output?If so, the ebay unit may work if it is being powered by the iec plug that is plugged into it.  Another option would be a wireless remote switched power strip from Tripp Li... 
What amp to match with Spatial Audio M3 Sapphire open back speakers
The M3 turbo S was/is a fantastic open baffle speaker but required dual sealed subs and sub eq in my room. I was looking to simplify my system and set out in search of a speaker with more bass and tonal weight. I'm still a spatial fan, and was pla... 
What amp to match with Spatial Audio M3 Sapphire open back speakers
I owned the M3 turbo s for about a year. My best pairing with that speaker was the Bob Latino ST-70 (tubes4hifi.com). It is a glorious sounding tube amp with more than enough grunt to power the Spatials.Available with a volume pot, a built unit wi... 
Im sick of seeing stupid prices on We, Tannoy Silver and Black. Whats so Great about them?
Nostalgia, hobbyists who feel " they don't make 'em like they used to", and as mentioned earlier...the Asian market. Like it or not rarity plays a role in any market. I sold a 30 year old camping tent (to a Japanese ebay'er) for far more than I pa... 
Tannoy Stirlings on the way!
As an owner of the Tannoy Legacy Arden I’m confident you will love the Stirlings. So classy. Congrats!Heed Tannoy's suggestion on toe in. Mine sound most coherent when crossed a couple of feet in front of my head. Your mileage may vary. Let us kno... 
New Simon Audio M1 speakers 6moons review!
Looks like an interpretation of the Gemme Audio Katana.  
McIntosh MC7106 v Luxman L100
As a McIntosh fan and a current owner of a their C2300 pre amp , I'd suggest keeping the Luxman or looking elsewhere. I had the MC7106 in my system a few months and couldn't wait to get rid of it. It did LOUD okay when running bridged (300 watts i... 
Best CD player under $2000
A slightly used Yamaha CD S2100 would fit into your budget, retain the current formats of your existing player (except video), and adds SACD capability and DAC inputs for increased flexibility. Check the reviews on this unit. 
Need advice on new speakers
@wimpydaschund,I own the new Tannoy Legacy Arden powered by a Pass Labs XA30.5 and a McIntosh C2300 preamp. Let me know if I can help with any specific questions on them. I've copied a review I wrote over on AK below with my thoughts.Speakers I’ve... 
Should people who can't solder, build or test their speakers be considered audiophiles?
@sfar , are you kidding? It's the first rule of audiogon. 
A warm DAC?
@larseand ,Head over to Audiocircle and check the threads in the Discless Circle for the Musical Paradise MP-D2 DAC thread for owner reviews.I was in the same search as you a couple years ago and took a chance on the MP-D2 MkII.You can spec the DA... 
Loudness - Why has the industry stopped producing amplifiers with this feature any longer?
You could try one of these. It also has a defeat switch for when your audiophile friends visit:http://www.deliciousdecibels.com/the-delicious-one.html